Make Up原廠煙草贊助拉花日本版

By admin, March 8, 2018 11:38

最近發現原來Make Up曾經在日本推出過一批帶原廠Marlboro/Rothmans煙草贊助拉花的版本,也就是說煙草贊助拉花是在光油下面。

當然當中也有例外,比如EMCOF07當年就是顧客可以事前要求Make Up廠方事先加好贊助水貼然後才上光油的。


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  1. Gary says:

    Few years ago I saw a MakeUp MP4/5 Prost model with tobacco decal applied on Taobao. The seller said the model it’s for sale within China so the decal is factory applied. Shame I didn’t go for it…

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