1971年 可口可樂廣告

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一堆年輕人,那個年代,還都是牛仔褲長頭髮的嬉皮士,人手一瓶可口可樂,圍在一株聖誕樹下唱歌。歌詞說:「我想教會全世界一起唱,一片完美和諧……」 (I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony….)



但 一首歌,加一瓶汽水,只代表了美好的願望。美國人宣導理想的人生,希望第三世界跟着他學:人權、民主、寬容,加上基督教。這股勢力,以知識份子為主。當知 識份子和創作人,在政界找到了民主黨這個殼,由甘乃迪到克林頓,到今天的奧巴馬,美國的民主黨,從可口可樂這個聖誕廣告開始,呈上了一杯敬酒。


賞 敬和懲罰,並不矛盾,正如感性和理性,水之柔,火之烈,可以互補而並存。人性的善與惡,宏如在這個世界,小如在同一個人的性格裏,都是並存的,文明必須駕 馭野蠻,善良要戰勝邪惡,除了聖誕節的頌歌,還要在適當的時候發出一點鎗炮聲;在菩薩低眉之外,尚須金剛怒目,於是美國的兩黨制,水火相濟,張弛互生,在 民主黨之外,尚有共和黨。

這一次,羅姆尼差一點越柙突圍,在外交上,美國向他的敵人宣示:我的一把刀準備好了,不要逼我掏出來。奧巴馬連任,美國 再「忍耐」四年,民主強國的精華就在這裏,完全是老莊道家精神。聖誕節到了,想起可口可樂的那首歌。

- 陶傑

Thanks to AUTOart killing off my passion! (轉文)

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最近在DX論壇看到了這位大哥級的會員Cuda Jeff竟然放棄了自己22年的車模收藏嗜好,大家都感到無限可惜,可恨的源頭不是別人,它就是我們熟悉而又感同身受的AUTOart 。



*** Cuda Jeff Entire 1:18 Collection ***

Hello everyone and welcome to my world ….

As a few of you knows, I’m very passionated of the diecast world.  So I’m presenting you today my entire collection and here’s how it all begins, 22 YEARS AGO …

July 1990, I was 16 years old. I’m a Ferrarista since I’m 3 years old, and so my first diecast was the Bburago ‘84 Ferrari GTO.

My goal back then was not to have a lot, just one!!!!  But my uncle bought a Bburago F40 and bought one for me …. WOW!!! So it got me thinking, since I love Ferraris so much, Hey! I’ll get them all!

At the time, there weren’t as many models available as it is today. And not many diecast company either. Maisto & Bburago were almost alone in the diecast universe. So my 3rd one was the Maisto 348 TS.

But on Christmas of “diecast collecting : year 1″ , my mother gave me a Diablo and a 911 Carrera (both Maisto). Thanks Mom!!! But you screwed up my plan!!!  Posted Image

So I thought : “Nah! I’ll get all the Ferraris and put the Lambo and the Porsche in the middle” …….. and now, we’re 22 years later and I got a collection of 492 420 models (all 1:18) …. So much for the plan! :lol:

Since 1990, my collection costed me $43,241.28  … so in 22 years, that’s an average of $1,965.61 / year    Posted Image

… an average of $102.96 / model

But they say that, everything must come to an end …

Up till 3-4 years ago, I had a crazy buying pace, from 2003 to 2008, I was buying more and more models each years. And then came 2008, which was the worst year for my wallet as I bought 96 models, a personal record!!!

But then, diecast prices started to become ridiculously high, especially AUTOart’s models, which has always been my favorite brand then. You can say that I was one of their best worshipper … but my loyalty to them came to an end in 2009 when their ever growing costs killed my passion …

So I cut the buying pace in half for 2009 (49 models) … then cut the pace a little more then half for 2010 (21 models) … I bought 18 models in 2011 and I’m only at 13 for 2012.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been thinking about what I was going to do with my collection … since AUTOart has put my collector’s heart on it’s way to the Passion Cemetary, I see myself having 2 options :

1) Stop buying, keep my collection and be frustrated continually because I can’t allow myself and I’m not willing to put $200+ on each new interesting models that AUTOart releases …

…it’s sad to say but it seems that they’re the only maker that makes interesting models lately … If I had other cheaper options but there ain’t! It looks like all other makers are stalled, they have nothing new to offer …

2) Put a stop to my frustration of not being able to get more models … which means : sell it all! So that way, I won’t get frustrated since there will be no point in buying new models …

Well I would not sell it all, I would keep my police cruisers since they’re trip souvenirs and my movie/tv collection so it means that I would sell 350 models. Those 2 themes would be the only diecasts I would keep collecting …

So the more I think about it, the more OPTION #2 seems to be the most logical one for 2 reasons :

Reason #1 :

I’ve been collecting for 22 years and never, I’ve seen my collection all together in display cases.
The house where we live is too small to display such a collection anyway … plus I can’t find any cabinets anywhere to buy! I wanted to wait to find a new house with a basement where I would be able to do so, but the market is too expensive so I don’t see a new home in a near future.

I’ll be 55 in 17 years and I plan to stop working at that age … so does my soon-to-be-wife … and I don’t plan to be sitting in a rocking chair, staring outside the bay window until I die! The day we’re off work, we are selling the house and we’ll buy a MotorHome and we plan to travel all year long. Our dream is a never-ending roadtrip : visit every US State and see everything, each state has to offer … so the collection won’t be able to follow us anyway.

So how many years will pass without seeing my collection all together … it’s already been 22 … let’s say we don’t get a new home for the next 5-6 years IF we get one… 17 years until my “bye-bye-boss” minus those 5-6 years = 11 years to MAYBE beeing able to expose them?!?

Is it worth the torture I’ve already explained? …

Reason #2 :

Deciding to sell the 350 models I would put up for sale, would generate about $30,000 – $35,000. I would be able to get the dream I have since I’m 3 years old : a real General Lee.

So my diecast “investment” of those 22 years would be transfert into buying a dream of mine of which I will be able to truly enjoy each day of the year … for many years to come … and a real collector car is a great investment too.

So I’m trying to gather all my thoughts about it, assure myself that I’m really making the good thing, see how I can manage all that …  but I’m 80% sure that selling the 350 models is the way to go …

Thanks to AUTOart killing off my passion! :clap: … bravo! … :clap:

Meanwhile … here’s some “Fun Facts” about my collection :

My top five manufacturer brand are:

1) AutoArt … 83

2) Maisto … 45

3) Kyosho … 38

4) Hot Wheels … 33

5) MotorMax & Minichamps … 25

My top five car brand are:

1) Ford … 45

2) Ferrari … 42

3) Chevrolet … 36

4) Mercedes … 29

5) Porsche  … 25

The five dominating colors in my collection are:

1) Black ….. 73 models

2) Red ….. 65 models

3)White ….. 55 models

4) Silver ….. 39 models

5) Blue ….. 32 models

My collection (only road car version) consist in:

- Exotic supercars
- Luxurious cars & SUVs
- Concept cars
- Famous movie & TV cars
- Legendary muscle cars (usally that a 1:1 version would worth more than 100 000$)
- Police Cruisers & Motorcycle from cities I’ve been/lived, that makes great souvenirs

They are all presented here in alphabetical order (car brand wise) then, each brand by year model.

It’s was an awful lot of work but if you enjoy it ……. then I’m very happy!!!! :wavetowel2:

I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and know, here it is …..


*** Cuda Jeff 全部的 1:18 汽車模型***



1990年7月我才16歲。我是一個Ferrarista,因為我3歲,所以我的第一壓鑄Bburago ‘84法拉利GTO。

我的目標是不是有很多,只有一個!!但我叔叔買了一台的Bburago F40,並給我買了一台…哇!因此,它得到了我的想法,因為我愛法拉利的那麼多,哎!我會得到他們!

的時候,有沒有提供盡可能多的模型,因為它是今天。並沒有太多的壓鑄公司。麥斯托和Bburago幾乎是獨自在壓鑄宇宙。所以,我的第三人的麥斯托的348 TS。

但在聖誕節的“壓鑄收集:第1年”,我的母親給了我一個“暗黑破壞神和一輛911 Carrera(包括麥斯托)的。謝謝媽媽!但你搞砸了我的計劃!文章圖片

所以,我想:“吶!我會得到所有的法拉利和蘭博基尼和保時捷在中間“……現在,我們是22年後,我得到了一個集合492 420機型(均為1:18)……這麼多的計劃! :大聲笑:

自1990年以來,我的收藏​​貴$ 43,241.28,所以在22年,這是一個平均的1,965.61美元/年圖片







1)停止購買,保持我的收藏,因為我不能讓自己受到挫折不斷,我願意把$ 200 +每一個新的有趣的模型AUTOA​​RT發布…







我會在55 17年,我打算在這個年齡停止工作…這樣做我的妻子,我不打算坐在搖椅,直到我盯著外飄窗死了!一天,我們下班了,我們都賣了房子,我們就買一個房車,我們打算去旅行一年之久。我們的夢想是一個永無止境的roadtrip:訪問美國各個州和看到的一切,每個國家所提供的,所以收集將不能夠按照我們自己。

那麼多年沒有看到我的收藏,它已經22 …讓我們說,我們沒有得到一個新的家在未來5-6年,如果我們得到一個… 17年,直到我的“再見,老闆“減去5-6年= 11歲MAYBE工作狀態能夠揭露他們嗎?!

它是值得的折磨,我已經解釋? …


決定出售的350款,我會拿出來售賣,將產生約$ 30,000 – $ 35,000。我就可以得到我的夢想,因為我3歲:一個真正的李總。



由於奧拓殺死了我的激情! :拍手:…喝彩! :拍手:



1)AUTOA​​RT … 83

2)麥斯托… 45

3)京商… 38

4)風火輪… 33

5)MotorMax Minichamps … 25


1)福特… 45

2)法拉利… 42

3)雪佛蘭… 36

4)梅賽德斯… 29

5)保時捷… 25


1)黑色….. 73款

2)紅色….. 65種型號

3)白….. 55款

4)銀….. 39模型

5)藍….. 32個型號


- 異國情調的超級跑車
- 豪華轎車與越野車
- 概念車
- 著名的電影和電視汽車
- 傳說中的肌肉車(這就通常以1:1的版本將價值超過100 000美元)
- 從城市的警察巡邏車和摩托車我已經/生活,讓偉大的紀念品


這是一個可怕的很多工作,但如果你喜歡的話…….然後,我很高興!! :wavetowel2:


vCenter Operations (vCOPS) v5.0.3, Is It Really for SMB?

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Finally I’ve got time to test drive vCenter Operations v5.0.3 Enterprise as it is one of the most important products VMware is trying to push over the past year.


I came across this 3 parts blog posts which really gave me many insights into this product regarding installation tips, how to use it and pros/cons about vCOPS. If you are like me who don’t like reading the thick official manuals and prefer to be on a quick track type, then the following is a must reading.

Using vCenter Operations v5 – Introduction and deployment (1/3)

Using vCenter Operations v5 – What’s new (2/3)

Using vCenter Operations v5 – Capacity features and conclusions (3/3)

The last part really brings out the fruit as the price of vCOPS is significantly higher than competitor’s product such as Veeam ONE, vFoglight or VMTurbo. I’ve tried all 4 of them, each product has it’s selling point and I would like to see a combination of the four: an intuitive overview, quick showing the top 10 problem VMs and recommended solution, of course capacity planning is a nice add-on. However there is none, that’s why I uses 3 of them at the same time for troubleshooting. :)

vfoglight started out at $230k four months ago and ended at ~90k for 150 sockets plus 1 week of onsite professional services/training and the first year of maintenance.

vC Ops mgr enterprise started at $1.2 million and came down to $135k. No professional services or training. Add 22% of list price per year for maintenance. So the final cost is still unknown.

Somehow the final price is really negotiable which I didn’t know until today, of course don’t expect you will get $1,000 if the list is $100,000.

Two more things I wasn’t quite satisfied with:

The first thing is the two fat VMs vCOPS is trying to deploy, at the end I reduced UI VM to 1GB (later proved needs at least 2 GB) and Analytics VM to 2GB, both with 1 vCPU and Thin Provisioned disks, still more than enough, probably at my testing vCenter environment has less than 50 VMs.

The other thing is No Equallogic Plugin (or Adpater) for vCOPS, it would be nice to see how vCOPS predicts the What If scenario for storage usage in terms of IOPS, but isn’t SANHQ already did a fantastic job? So why need another tool? :)

In my own opinion, for daily virtual infrastructure performance troubleshooting, I think Veeam Monitor (or latest called Veeam ONE) FREE Edition is more than enough for organization who has less than 100 VMs, so I intend to agree with many other’s opinion that vCOPS is just an oversized beast for SMB.

可能是做工最精致的Jaguar D-Type

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相比起Autoart 10年前的捷豹D-Type,Exoto XS系列的這個產品精密程度當然是完全致勝,只是价格方面同樣以16倍的致命程度非理性上升,看來以后只有車模收藏金字塔頂端的客戶才能負擔的起。




完全放棄Adidas 重投Nike陣營

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上次因為Barricade 7刮後腳所以轉換成了Adizero Feather II,而且特別換成比較貼腳的7號,希望沒有空間可以產生摩擦,但事與願違,刮腳的問題依然,肯定是Adidas的新一代網球鞋後腳設計有問題,根本沒有足夠海綿保護,薄薄的一層經過兩個鐘頭的劇烈運動腳當然會起水泡。

原來想換Babolat Propulse 3美國國旗版或者KSwiss BigShot,但是太貴,捨不得買。


所以這次徵求了球友的建議,他說Courtballistec至少可以Last一年,還特別檢查了 Courtballistec 4.3的後腳設計,嗯,挺厚的,感覺像以前的Barricade V。



Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 White/Black/Red Olympic


帝國的余輝: TSM 1970 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI (Mulliner Park Ward & James Young)

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夜訪稀客: 敞篷波子993

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英倫的優雅: 2006 Bentley Continental GT & GTC

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一直都很喜歡80年代中曾經流行過的Levi’s 501牛仔褲剪裁,盛傳當時JPG也是按照501的Cutting來做參考的。當年曾經有過另一條法國Chipie的深藍色洗水牛仔褲也是完全以501的剪裁加釦紐式的拉鏈,那時配上M Duck彈弓袋,自覺好鬼型,呵呵。

這條經歷了20年的Armani牛仔褲型的長褲記得還是當年在倫敦Covent Garden那間EA買的,而且一買就買了兩條,另一條是卡奇色。喜歡的就是那接近501的直腳剪裁和釦紐的拉鏈,當然那些細緻的Armani鷹Logo金屬裝飾也是一大賣點。布料之好,想不到穿了這麼多年後,依然覺得很貼身舒服,它也自然而然地成為了我生活中一個不可缺少的朋友,陪伴著我一齊走過了這麼些年。

上星期偶然更找到了粱家輝當年露靚股的”情人” BD MKV,記得那年在Chichester一個漆黑的夜晚一齊和朋友在那小小的電影院看了人生的第一套限制片,的確好鬼刺激。

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