Upgrade Equallogic MEM to v1.1.0

By admin, March 31, 2012 5:10 pm

The reason I choosed to upgrade MEM first is becuase in the release note of MEM 1.1.0, it is said the minimum EQL FW should be v4.3.7 (which I’m on v5.0.2), but FW v5.2.2 states clearly that it only supports MEM 1.1.0, so I need to upgrade MEM first before I upgrade my EQL firmware to v5.2.2 and add HIT/VE v3.1.1 later.

1. Remember to put your ESX host to Maintenance Mode FIRST!!!

2. Use the MEM installation script as I found this is the most simple method, open vSphere CLI

C:\>setup.pl –install –server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
You must provide the username and password for the server.
Enter username: root
Enter password:

Upgrading from existing Dell EqualLogic Multipathing Extension Module installed:
Defaulting to offline bundle ‘C:\dell-eql-mem-esx4-’
The install operation may take several minutes.  Please do not interrupt it.
Upgrade install was successful.
You must reboot before the new version of the Dell EqualLogic Multipathing Exten
sion Module is active.

3. Remember to Reboot it as well if your host is ESX 4.1

4. Check if the MEM is installed correctly, found out MEM setting has been set to default, so need to change it again to its maximum power to ultilize all 4 paths. (ie, volumesessions=12, membersessions=4)

C:\>setup.pl –query –server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
You must provide the username and password for the server.
Enter username: root
Enter password:

Found Dell EqualLogic Multipathing Extension Module installed: DELL-eql-mem-esx4
Default PSP for EqualLogic devices is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Active PSP for naa.6090a078e03b90b5b1d654e6e700d0fc is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Active PSP for naa.6090a078c06ba23424c914a0f1889d68 is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Active PSP for naa.6090a078e03bd0aad3cc34ade700500f is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Active PSP for naa.6090a078e03b80201dcbe4a5e70010ee is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Active PSP for naa.6090a078e03b40e895cc74abe70000fd is DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED.
Found the following VMkernel ports bound for use by iSCSI multipathing: vmk2 vmk
3 vmk4 vmk5

C:\>setup.pl –listparam –server=xx.xxx.xxx.xxx
You must provide the username and password for the server.
Enter username: root
Enter password:

Parameter Name  Value Max   Min   Description
————–  —– —   —   ———–
TotalSessions   512   1024  64    Max number of sessions per host.
VolumeSessions  6     12    1     Max number of sessions per volume.
MemberSessions  2     4     1     Max number of sessions per member per volume.
MinAdapterSpeed 1000  10000 10    Minimum adapter speed for iSCSI multipathing.

C:\>setup.pl –setparam –name=VolumeSessions –value=12 –server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
C:\>setup.pl –setparam –name=MemberSessions –value=4 –server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

* Make sure you have 4 NICs for iSCSI before setting MemberSessions to 4 or you will see high TCP Retransmit.

5. Double check the storage path in vCenter to make sure MEM is the default PSP and all 4 paths are Active.

OpenManage 6.5 Update on ESX 4.1, Poor Equallogic Local Support!

By admin, March 31, 2012 1:56 pm

Today I’ve finally got time to update some of the major components such as OSMA, EQL MEM, EQL FW, Dell Bios, etc.

The first thing I have done is to upgrade OpenManage to latest version 6.5 on ESX 4.1 hosts.

The whole thing is actually very easy, simply download OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-6.5.0-2247_A01.15.tar (762MB). Yeah, I know Dell site is confusing, but this is the right one to download, then install the package according to the Short Installation Guide on the download page.

The setup script will actually perform an automatic upgrade process. Oh…there are some warnings, saying something is not found such as symbolic links, etc. But don’t worry, just remember to start the OMSA (wsman) service again manually, not even need to reboot the host or put it into maintenance mode, everything was performed live without any problem.

However, there are two minor warnings:
1.”Unsupported browser version. See the User’s Guide for minimum supported browser versions.”
Ok. I am using the latest Firefox v10, it’s not compatible, may be OpenManage 6.5 A2 or OpenManage 7.0 will have this included, I found both versions are available in Document section, but nothing  found in the download page, strange.
2. Dell IT Assistant starts to show Yellow Exclamation Mark and OpenManage starting to complain my H700 firmware is old and not updated, that’s ok, I will do it later.

Next, it’s time for me to upgrade MEM to v1.1.0 first and then EQL FW to v5.2.2, well I’ve waited almost a full year since my last update of EQL components.

Strange enough local Dell EQL technical support told me to shut down all VM before performing the EQL firmware update, luckily I didn’t listen to their advice as I vaguely remember that EQL FW  update can be done in real time without shutting down the host or VM.

Later I confirmed this with Danny, Thanks again! This is where Equallogic local support (HK and China region) starts to worry me a lot recently as Open Case is no longer handled by US EQL staff since the mid of last year, the technical knowledge and quality is just not there at all, worst, at times, they tend to ask their customers to do things ridiculously or suggest their customer to try it (without performed the step themselves). I’ve told them what if I have thousands of VMs and do I need to shut down all of them just to perform the firmware upgrade? The answer is Yes! HUH???? BS!!!

Yes I am complaining about local Equallogic support service is getting poorer and please correct this issue ASAP!

Update: April 6, 2012

OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-7.0.0-4614_A00.tar.gz is out today!


By admin, March 24, 2012 5:36 pm

1比18車模收藏一直都有一個不成文的規矩,那就是黑色的超跑通常會在一段日子後身價倍升,可能是因為生產數量比較少吧。出名的例子多不勝數,如UT Ferrari 355 GTB/GTC, Autoart Lamborghini Countach, Diablo VT/Roadster/GTR, Kyosho Ferrari 328  GTB, Minichamps Bentley Continental GT等,這些”稀有動物”通常市場價格可以是原來的2-3倍,當然,有價無市的情況也普遍的很。

今天是不用返工的星期六,本來想睡到日上三杆,但二杆時就給窗外的一陣低吼引擎聲嘈醒了我的美夢。NND! 誰這麼沒公德心,停車還不熄匙。但潛意識馬上告訴我這應該是台”駿馬”。身體不由自主地以2秒的時間從床上彈起,再用3秒的極速從抽屜里拿出相機然後跑到窗前,果然沒猜錯,是台罕見的黑色F430,連對焦到拍攝整個過程用了大概10秒完成,之後才定過神來,原來我已經起床了,哈哈。。。

下午回來的時候,發現樓下又有3台黑色的車並排而列,其中的那台Audi TT還真可愛。

今天這麼多黑色的車,原來是Black Saturday!



Dell Acquires SonicWall: Oh NO!

By admin, March 16, 2012 2:11 pm

Sometimes it really makes you wonder why big corporation collects rubbishes just to expand their portfolio.

Well I am absolutely speechless when I saw the title today, so it’s time to sell your NASDAQ:DELL. :)


By admin, March 14, 2012 8:57 pm







What a Coincidence 網絡世界的緣份

By admin, March 13, 2012 10:02 pm

Yesterday I bought a 2nd hand Fortigate 60B from a famous computer user group in Hong Kong.

During the trade, I found out the seller Danny also uses Equallogic in his company, umm…the way he talked reminded me a lot someone I must have come across before, but I couldn’t figure out who he exactly was at the time.

Later after I came back and opened my blog. Danny…isn’t there also a Danny always comments on my blog before regarding EQL products? Double checked the email on my blog and the one seller provided, Bingo, he’s the same person, what a miracle! Virtual world finally touched reality without knowing it’s actually happening during the trade, so wired and funny!

This reminds me Disney’s most well-known song “It’s a Small Small World”, I think one of these days we (one who is interested in EQL products) should form an informal Hong Kong Equallogic User Group gathering in a coffee shop or something, anyone got any solid idea, please contribute and make it happen.

Danny, thank you very much again for almost giving out this firewall for me to play with. Personally, I really like to play with this kind of toy (network appliances) during my spare time, because I like their intuitive UI and innovative features and find they are fascinating to play with and all these toys makes you to become the god of your own domain is of course exciting.  Btw, I also got some other fun toys on hand like Netscreen, Top Layer, Radware, BlueCoat, Riverbed etc , together with this FTG-60B, they will keep me very busy for a while.



By admin, March 13, 2012 11:59 am





By admin, March 12, 2012 3:29 pm


某些大師的絕版名作,1/43不到十公分大小的模型車中竟然可以容納數百個零件,加上數量有限,拍賣拱到上千美元也是常見的事情,這對一般車模收藏者而言 可能匪夷所思,但對於收藏家而言卻是每每天人交戰才能在最後贏得競標。這只能印證一句話,限量是殘酷的,絕版是黃金打造的。




上了大學之後,世界更加寬廣,然而課業繁重,根本無暇像之前一般能有時間好好製作模型,那時,全台灣青少年的流行聖地,就在台北的西門町。而其中的萬年大樓,各式各樣的進口商品,書籍漫畫,還有整層樓各式各樣的模型玩具店,就成為流連忘返之處。後來跟一些模型友聊起,趴在玻璃櫥窗前瞪大眼睛流著口水,看著五顏六色的模型精品,似乎是那個年代共有的獨特回憶。當初的主流金屬汽車模型是1/18 跟 1/43, 雖然選擇繁多,然而在精密度及售價上很難取得一個平衡,加上住宿空間收藏的限制,因此只能挑個幾部1/43的模型讓自己開心。直到偶然間逛火車模型店,才發現為了搭配1/87 HO比例的火車模型場景,竟然出了許多汽車模型!當手上拿著不到五公分大小的模型,卻細緻得無可挑剔,這就是德國人的用心,也從此開始收集1/87 汽車模型,雖然1/87的製造商跟1/43,1/18 的製造商家數天差地別,選擇跟車型也相對少了許多,但十多年來努力收集各式車型,至今約收了一千兩三百部,一字排開的時候,坐擁名車,不亦快哉!

出社會後,開始擁有屬於自己的第一部車,也終於把對車的興趣落實下來,東摸西摸,東改西改,不知是否為了彌補當初未能選讀汽車機械工程的遺憾,開始對汽車的心臟—–引擎產生極大的興趣,可惜很少有專門的汽車引擎模型,網路上的資料也少得可憐,一點一點拼湊之下,竟然也收集了一二十顆大大小小的引擎模型,大至 1/4 的 Nascar 引擎,數量最多精密度最佳的1/6 引擎,還有搭配模型改裝的1/18,1/24引擎,也有只有指尖大的1/43引擎模型,藉由收藏組裝的過程,也對引擎內部構造及功能有更深的瞭解,這應該也算是寓教於樂吧。

這幾年工作生活狀況都穩定下來,空閒時間,忽然又興起製作模型的念頭,台灣幾乎沒有汽車模型的書籍及雜誌,只好往鄰國日本著手,找了一些專門的汽車模型刊物好好研究。雖然1/24的塑膠模型越來越精美,然而收藏上卻是極大的問題,手邊已經有近1500部模型車,很難再挪出空間,後來卻在雜誌中小篇幅的報導找到新的方向。原來有個小眾的1/43 模型市場,幾乎都是鉛錫合金及樹脂鑄造而成,由於成本高昂,售價不斐,加上開模精細度的限制,一堆超小的蝕刻金屬零件,製作上比一般塑膠模型難上許多,因此幾十年來只有少數在歐洲流通,亞洲也只有日本稍稍熱門一點。但是許多難以購得的稀有名車,或是具有引擎細節的經典賽車,也只有1/43套件可以滿足需求,尤其是製作完成後的精細度,更是遠超過市面販售的一般模型。也因此,又掉進了另一個敗家地獄。

也由於1/43金屬模型的稀有性,在台灣很難購得,專門販售的店也僅有位於台北縣三重的ISAM,店主陳先生本身也是模型狂熱者,才有辦法支持此般獨特的店的生存。而對於我而言,更癡迷於具有引擎細節的1/43模型,也只好在eBay等拍賣網上尋尋覓覓,兩年多下來,也有近百套的斬獲。如果是一般沒有引擎細節的F1 或賽車模型,大約都在30-60美元之間,具有引擎細部等的更是屢屢超過100美元,也有超精密等級的要價300-400美元,至於某些大師的絕版名作,1/43不到十公分大小的模型車中竟然可以容納數百個零件,加上數量有限,拍賣拱到上千美元也是常見的事情,這對一般車模收藏者而言可能匪夷所思,但對於收藏家而言卻是每每天人交戰才能在最後贏得競標。這只能印證一句話,限量是殘酷的,絕版是黃金打造的。



By admin, March 11, 2012 9:38 pm





另外就是透過車模收藏獲益匪淺,一來增加了對汽車歷史的了解以及認識了很多志同道合的朋友們,另外就是分享收藏車模的經歷更加令我人生充滿了快樂和喜悅。 :D

Happy Tennis: 3rd Year Anniversary (3週年紀念)

By admin, March 10, 2012 9:51 pm



另外就是身體也比以前強壯了不少,Touch Wood整年沒有感冒傷風過,雖然是瘦了些,但這應該是正常的,因為目睹多數每星期打2至3次網球的師兄弟們都很苗條,哈哈。


再次謝謝大家,希望今後的日子有更多的朋友和我一齊來享受Happy Tennis。

Some interesting statistics:

Courts Booked: ~185場
Tennis Balls: 62罐
Restring: 5次


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