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The new and the old Federer shirts, see the difference?

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Nike Zoom Vapor X Clay Vava/Black



Happy Tennis: 9th Year Anniversary (9週年紀念)

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Courts Booked: ~191場
Tennis Balls: 32罐
Restring: 4次
Overgrip: 18條


終於等到呢款減價 Yeah!

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個人認為這款式Flyknit系列裡最好看的,Flyknit的透氣材料應該更加適合香港炎熱的夏天。 (標籤裡的版本為04/18/17)

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Flyknit Teal/Silver


斷捨離: Very Rare and hard to find collector items Classic Rackets for Sell

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It’s time to move on and pass to the next collector, they brought many happy memories for me in the past and I hope you will also treasure and take care of my babies.

Please kindly PM me if you are interested in any of the following, and please help me to forward to those who also collect these great classic rackets, thanks!

1. Babolat Pure Drive GT (2009) – SOLD
Got it from a net friend, mainly because I want to switch racquet after 20 years.
2. Wilson Prostaff 85 (1984), Taiwan version L3, (COVER SIGNED BY STEFAN EDBERG in 2010 HK Tennis Classic)
3. Rossignol F200 Mat Wilander (1985) L2, Made in France with new leather grip – SOLD
4. Puma Boris Becker Super with PCS (1984) L3, Made in Taiwan, with cover– SOLD
5. Dunlop Max 200G Pro (1991) L2, Made in England, with new Dunlop leather grip – SOLD
6. Dunlop Max 200G 1st version (1983) L2, Made in England, with new Dunlop leather grip – SOLD
Got this hidden treasure last week from MK 龍X, it’s definitely a great bargain considering the history of this 1st version. I hitted it yesterday finally. Wow! Just As advertised (Manufactured with the unique grafil injection molding system providing you with that solid feel on your every shot.), the mold injection works, absolutely ZERO vibration and feel great at the net.
7. Prince Super Graphite, 28 inches (1995) – SOLD
I got this mainly because I like Prince Boron so much and it looks like Boron but much lighter, so it’s also quite unstable when returning heavy ralley.
8. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1991) L3, Oversize printed on top This is the one I got in 1991 after changing from single back hand to double back hand, and it’s also the first POG I’ve got, I’ve been using it mainly over the last 20 years. (COVER SIGNED BY MICHAEL CHANG in 2010 HK Tennis Classic)
9. Head Prestige Classic 600 (1985) L3, Made in CZ on throat BRAND NEW with cover – SOLD
10. Head Prestige Classic 600 (1988) L3, Design in CZ – SOLD
11. Head Prestige Classic 600 (1992) L3, Design in CZ, TW version – SOLD
12. Slazenger Ambassador Wooden (1962) – NOT SELLING
Bring back the days of Vilas and Nastase, it’s been used as a living room decoration since 2009
13. Head Prestige Tour 600 (1985) L2, Made in CZ on throat – SOLD
14. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987) L2, Oversize printed on top – SOLD
15. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987) L3, 110 printed on top – SOLD
16. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987) L2, Oversize printed on top – SOLD
17. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987) L2, 110 printed on top – SOLD
18. Prince Original Graphite Oversize (1991), Long body – Michael Chang), Grip 2 – SOLD
19. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 1 strip (1978) L2, 1st generation, Made in USA – SOLD
22. Wilson Prostaff 85 (1984) L3, Taiwan Version, Grip 3 with cover – SOLD
23. Rossignol F300 (1986) L3 – SOLD
24. Wilson Prostaff 85 with 6.1 Paint Job L2, Japanese Market Only – SOLD
25. Wilson Prostaff 6.1 Paint Job L3 – SOLD





Happy Tennis: 8th Year Anniversary (8週年紀念)

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每個星期6-8個鐘頭的網球運動除了令我身體強壯之余,也令我更加正面思考和面對問題。 當然我更享受和不同網球朋友暢談中體會什麼是真正的人生。

另外去年也再次跟一位年輕的師傅學波,他剛好住在我樓下,近水樓臺,再Fit不過!  師傅幫我糾正了一些錯誤的Form,尤其是正手得到了比較顯著的改善。

其實心訣還是那一條,就是放鬆身體,招式才能得以順暢發揮,從而爆發出最大的力量,也就是Bruce Lee所說的Be water!


Some interesting statistics:

Courts Booked: ~175場
Tennis Balls: 28罐
Restring: 5次


Hybrid新體驗: Head Gravity 17 (1.25mm) / Cross: 18 (1.20mm)

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朋友最新的推薦,Head Gravity主線的形狀是三角形的Co-Poly,據稱可以產生較多的旋轉。

之前我也曾經試過這幅線,感覺的確比之前的Solinco Tour Bite Diamond Rough 17 + Babolat RPM Blast 17g要得心應手,不過當時的球拍是 Radical Pro。

這次的磅數為: 53lb x 55lb



Update: Mar 20, 2017

Out of my expectation, it only lasted for 5 weeks or 28 hours! But overall speaking, it’s probably the best string I’ve ever come across with Head ExtremePro. I’ve restrung it for 55×53lbs this time and let’s see if this combination makes a difference.

Update: May 8, 2017

Proved the set can only last for 5-6 weeks! So I changed back to Blackcode (52lbs on both main and cross) instead, the result is surprisingly good. From my experience, Blackcode can last at least 3-4 months, let’s see.

Update: Jul 16, 2017

Sorry, that Blackcode 17 didn’t even last for 5 weeks, so switching to gauge 16 (52lbs on main and 50 lbs cross) and let’s see again.

Update: Dec 4, 2017

Good news that the previous Blackcode 16 did last for almost 4 and 1/2 months, that’s long enough, I still stick to this string from now on.

Update: Dec 10, 2017

It turns out the pro shop does not carry any Blackcode 16, and he suggested me to try Babolat Hurricane Pro 16 (50lbs on main and 50 lbs cross)

Update: May 1, 2018

The Babolat Hurricane Pro 16 almost lasted for 5 months which is good enough! I am going to use it again and this time lower the tension to 48 lbs for both main and cross.

Update: Sep 25, 2018

It proved by now that Babolat Hurricane Pro 16 almost lasted for another 5 months, so I re-strung both of my rackets with 48 lbs for both main and cross again.

Not my collection, but it contains many memorable moments from the past 40 years!

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在TST見到Sergio Tacchini專櫃,想不到多年後這個意大利的經典網球牌子竟然變成香港公司擁有,記得1991年那時得SOGO先有得賣。



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終於等到了這款,這是我的第二對Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour (標籤裡的版本為01/06/16),喜歡它的原因主要是因為重量輕和耐用。另外橙色的T才3折,真的不能不買!


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