Wow! This is Art!

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原來Highway 61的SRT8做錯了

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昨天偶然看到了這台最近成交的白色HWY61 SRT8,細看物件的內文描述才發現原來有幾個地方做錯了。


所以我之前那台由Performance Year改裝得罕有Hurst Challenger Stage I Series SRT8, 2009 (50759H)也是錯的,因為母體是一樣的。

另外上星期我終於在加拿大一個收藏家手上找到了這台限量500台Highway 61 Challenger裡的Holy Grail: 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 6 pac (50554)


最後我發現無論是1971的Challenger R/T 440 6 pac還是2007年的SRT8,大家除了白色以外,最顯眼的就是那綠色的車牌,因為上面印有同樣的字樣,同是出自1971年Vanishing Point電影裡的 OA-5599 19 COLORADO 70!!!

From Scale18

Prayers of the muscle-car faithful have finally been answered in the release of the new Dodge Challenger R/T’s. The production Challenger is based on the Chrysler LX-platform of the 300C, Magnum, Charger and their SRT8 versions from the Chrysler performance skunkwerks at Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The new Challenger concept was first introduced at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, and was styled after the legendary 1970 model. A production model was announced to ship in early 2008 and dealers immediately were swamped with inquiries. Originally advertised at just $37,995 MSRP, the first production model brought over $400,000 in January 2008 at the famous Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. Production was limited to just over 6400 cars.

Overall, the exterior design cues remain faithful to the popular concept car, with some alterations. From the egg-crate grille (paying tribute to the original 1970 model), to the front and rear spoilers and satin chrome fuel-filler door the lineage is obvious. The design may appear slightly bulkier then the original, but still proudly outranks anything in its class. Then or now!

The Highway 61 Collectibles Dodge Challenger R/T’s feature all-new tooling in exacting 1:18 scale. Opening doors, hood and trunk are standard. Other features include highly-detailed 5.7 HEMI® engine, automatic transmission and dual exhaust. The 20-inch Heritage Classic or Chrome-Clad wheels are faith fully reproduced, as are the P245/45ZR20 Goodyear tires. A sunroof lights the fully-detailed interior with flip-forward seat backs and realistic seat belts and harnesses.

From eBay Item Description

To pay homage to the great 1971 film, Vanishing Point, Bob Frederick of New Wilmington Dodge, Pennsylvania has created 10 Kowalski Edition Dodge Challengers. Starting with an Inaugural Edition SRT8 (in white of course), the dealership removes the stripe, adds some custom decals and 20-inch Alcoa SRT wheels. On the inside, the seats feature a dark shade and a wood grain Hurst pistol grip shifter, attempting to look as similar as possible to the movie’s 1970 version. And of course, a numbered plaque designates which Kowalski Edition Challenger it is.

Well the good folks at the former highway 61 decided to have one of their new generation challengers constructed as an homage to this “kowalski edition” srt8. But some huge mistakes were made on this model at the factory.

Firstly, as you can see in the photos, the model has both R/T & SRT8 badging. the real car is an SRT8with the 6.1 HEMI engine. but all outer badges on this car indicate R/T, which would only be optioned with the 5.7 HEMI!!! (ie, HEMI is 5.7L).


There are also SRT8 badges on the front seat backs. There is no spoiler, as there should be with an srt8 badge & Kowalski edition logo!!


Although mainly badged as an R/T, the car has the SRT8 optioned 20-inch Alcoa SRT wheels. As well, as you can clearly see, the diecast indicates 6.1 HEMI on the hood, yet this is not present on the real car!! as well, the real Kowalski tribute car has no moonroof & the diecast model does!!


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Epic! Enzo, Montezemolo and Lauda!

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今天是我一個英國模型車好友的生日,恭喜他終於完成了這個Man Cave的創舉!


Mission Impossible Became Possible!

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But..isn’t this illegal to 山寨 a Ferrari 250 GTO?

第一對Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

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兩個月前我的Barricade V Classic經過10個月後終於報廢,而Adidas Barricade 2015 (B9)跟B6-B8一樣,後面還是比較單薄,很容易刮傷腳部。

另外Nike也不再推出舒服好穿的Court Ballistec 4.3,而變成了不適合香港天氣,鞋面極之不透氣的Nike Lunar Ballistec 1.5。

環顧之下,剩下唯一的選擇只有正在做大特價的Federer的Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour。

大部份擁有Zoom Vapor的師兄之前都跟我都反映過這雙網球鞋很舒服,最大的問題就是不耐用,大概6個月就完了。

我試穿的感覺很不錯,最大分別就是重量很輕,而且左右腳跟明顯感到有兩塊回彈力頗高的像Air氣墊的物料。 (Zoom?)


Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Volt/Black



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這當然是個玩笑,其實她是當時紅極一時的法國女歌手,而當年樂壇鬼才Serge Gainsbourg也曾經幫她作曲過以下這首十分好聽的歌。


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這位菲律賓車模攝影師真有才,因為他跟我說拿了1比24的輪子換在1比18的Highway61 Pickup Truck上面,竟然意外地做出如此「驚艷」的感覺,不得不說一個「棒」字!


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