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By admin, October 21, 2009 1:44 pm

This blog is about sharing finer things in life, topics surrounding my 1/18 Collecting Path (收藏之路), Die-Cast Collection (汽車模型), and other stuffs that I am interested in such as Delicious Food (美食), Photography (攝影), Movie (電影), Music (音樂), Tennis (網球), Travel (旅遊) and Network & Server (網絡及伺服器).

I am also available as a freelance virtualization consultant in Hong Kong with years of extensive hands on experience since 2005, from initial Case Analysis, Architecture Design to the actual Site Implementation and Post Maintenance.

If your company is looking for a guru in building your next virtual project (VMWare/Equallogic/Dell centric) or simply an additional helping hand, please do not hesitate to contact me. :)

Furthermore, I always have this dream to open an artistic model car gallery cafe with my 800+ 1/18 diecast displayed in Hong Kong. The whole purpose is to gather people with similar passion in classic car and motorsports, to promote culture in Formula 1 & Le Mans and to share knowledge about that particular golden age (1950-90s). I do believe there are 同道中人 & 有識之士 out there somewhere who shared the same passion with me. This museum/gallery cafe will definitely add color to this vibrant city!

If you share the same idea and looking to finance a passionate collector to fulfill his and your dream, please do let me know! Thanks!!!

Update: Mid-2018





回想起來,汽車文化可能在我很小的時候就已經在心中紮下了深根,所以我喜歡模型車的程度對於很多人來講簡直就是匪夷所思,可能已經被歸納為極度小眾和宅男行列,But I don’t really care, simply because it’s what makes me happy!


I just realize today marks the history of my blog with 2,000 posts. Back then, I always have this dream to share my passion in model cars especially about motor racing sports, that’s why I started http://modelcar.hk in early 2008! Another Mission Impossible Completed! Yeah!

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  1. Karan So says:


    我是蘋果日報副刊記者Karan。我們最近做一個關於Alfa Romeo模型車及Headphone套裝的報道,由於這兩款產品都是依照Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione和Giulietta的外形而製,所以想請你做專訪,品評一下兩款產品的外形像真度及造工精細度,並了解你對模型車的喜好。因此想知道你會否有興趣受訪,若時間訂於下星期四(6/3)或下星期五(7/3),你會那天、那個時段較方便?我們會同時做文字及Video的訪問,約需時兩小時。謝謝。

    • admin says:

      多謝你的邀請,但是對不起,因為我對Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione和Giulietta兩款的歷史和故事都不太了解,抱歉這個Topic不能為貴刊提供意見。

  2. Samson says:

    Hello! This is Samson also from HK. I’ve posted on your site previously. It’s nice to see a someone from HK setting up a site dedicating his interests to the diecast collection hobby! I’d just like to find out if you have a GMP 330 P4 prototype Red Berlinetta in your collection?

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Samson.

      For racing car, I collect those with numbers only, I’ve got #21, #24 and #23.

      Btw, do you still want that XJ13, I will post them shortly.

      • Samson says:

        I see, I’ve been trying very hard to hunt for a red prototype Berlinetta, but it’s simply nowhere to be found.. so I was curious if you would have one that you might consider to offer.. As for the XJ13, in fact I just got one recently from a collector from the States already, so I’ll probably be interested to find out what other cars from your collection you’ll be putting up for sale soon! BTW, would you know where I can find the P4 prototype that I’m looking for? Any good sources or tips? And, how may I address you? I haven’t known your name yet..:-)

  3. Jim Long says:

    I’m collecting F1 World Champs, Monaco winners, and also some of the earlier GP and Le Mans winners. Do you by chance have any W196 Mercs of Fangio or Sir Moss?

    • admin says:

      Yes, I do have both CMC W196R Fangio #18 and Moss #16 for sell, please check out my For Sale page.

      565 CMC M-049 M. Benz W196R Streamliner, #18 French GP / Reims 1954/55 Juan Manuel Fangio Silver L.E. 1/5,000, HK$3,800

      704 CMC M-057 M. Benz W196R Streamliner, #16, Stirling Moss, Grand Prix of Italy at Monza, 1955 Silver L.E. 1/4,000, HK$4,200

  4. Yin says:


    It’s really nice to come across someone who shares exactly the same interest, cars, traveling and being a virtualization professional.

    Would really like to make a new friend, do drop me an email if you may. Cheers!

  5. Gabriel says:

    Hi I am from HK, fascinated by ur blog on diecast, would like to know if you have any information on where I can buy 1/18 Autoart Lancer Evo 9, I’ve been searching around for weeks but failed, please advise.

  6. Mark C. says:

    Does anyone know how many Kyosho 08331 P’s were made ?
    It’s the Orange Miura SVJ (R).

    Thank You

  7. Jacky Tai says:

    你好!我是Jacky Tai,現職Men’s Machine雜誌的汽車編輯,加入香港車評人已超過20年,從昔日少林寺「車主」副編輯,到汽車雜誌總編輯及Anycar的創辦人兼總編輯。今天偶然登入發現你也是汽車及汽車模型發燒友,更重要的是看到一輯你少年中學時期跟一部保時捷928S合攝的相片,根據所穿校服特徵,那紅藍校呔非紅藍培正生莫屬。我家三位(我、太太及女兒)都是培正出品。難得可以遇上一位志趣相投的同校師兄/弟,如不嫌棄,望能交過朋友,互相交流。

  8. Darren says:

    Hello, I would like to buy a Koenigsegg Agera toy car for my son. Is it available in your shop? Please let me know how much is it? Many thanks.

  9. Newcomer says:

    迷上了exoto的 Jagaur 想靖教admin exoto現在有呢什麼途程可以買到舊車?
    例如網店,網站等等 謝謝

  10. Keith says:


    I am writing to see if you are interested in buying any sort of swarovski model cars.

    I have one Swarovski Car made by BBURAGO 1:18 Lamborghini Aventador.

    and another one made by MAISTO 1:18 SLS AMG.


  11. Bobby says:


    I am a newbie to die-cast models but would like to buy/collect quality die-cast models for my old and existing cars:

    1) Lotus Exige S (Red)
    2) BMW Z4 E89 (Deep Sea Blue)
    3) Acura DC5 RSX Type S or Honda DC5 Integra (Desert Silver)
    4) Honda 1987 Accord Coupe (Light Blue)

    Indeed, I’m more keen on getting 1 & 2. How can I source the above models?

    Many thanks in advance!


  12. AMPMODELCAR says:

    Hi from Car Model Club Of Thailand

    • admin says:

      Thanks for dropping by, I read a few article by your club as well…and the recent visit from RWB founder himself :)

  13. Cammy Lam says:


    This is Cammy from apm promotion, In the coming June, we would like to do a 賽車模型車展覽 and would like to invite you and have your participation, knowing that you are enthusiastic with die-cast collection and could you please feel free to contact me at 27056827 when free? thanks and I am looking forward to your reply.

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for the invitation, but I will be on vacation most of the time during June.

      • Cammy Lam says:

        opps, as the exhibition is to celebrate father’s day and we plan to hold it during 4-19 June, are you not in hk during the period?

  14. Hi,

    I would love to get in touch with you regarding being a sponsor of your website. Please email us and let’s talk.

    Best Regards

  15. Mandy says:


  16. Christian says:

    Love your idea of the coffee place, one of the members of our Advisory Board has a restaurant in Florida that shows his collection (here more http://blog.hobbydb.com/2016/10/05/sergio-goldvarg-and-possibly-batman-are-on-the-hobbydb-advisory-board). We would love to show you our attempt to catalog every model car ever made, please check it out and maybe you can help us spread the word.


    • admin says:

      Hi Christian, we talked and you illustrated how HobbyDB works yesterday on FB, remember? LOL

      Btw, thanks for recommending Waffleworks restaurant in Hollywood, CA, wish one day my dream will realize in Hong Kong and/or Vancouver.

  17. Rachel Chan says:

    Would you have Porsche 911R 1:18 model?

  18. TC says:

    Your blog is great as well as your car photos!
    I think you should also get one cmc 250 gto #19 signature version which is very meaningful to have the winner driver sign on the model. I got mine and it is lovely.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I guess one CMC #19 is enough for me. Btw I love all kinds of driver signed version, but prefer if it’s signed at the bottom.

      • Tc says:

        See, i like “on-car” autograph more as it will stick on the car that hard to replace by another car (sure it still can by replacing the signed hood)

  19. Horton Ho says:

    Hi Sir

    This is Horton Ho From Pansing Hobby Shop. It is so amazing to see you blog. thanks that we can understand a lot about model car from you pages. We are wondering there is a chance to have a cooperation with you.

    We are the partworks magazine distributor in HK. Rally Car 1:43, Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Robi are our product and available in 7-Eleven.

    We are going to launch a Ferrari Series model car and looking for someone with deep knowledge to have a cooperation.

    For more detail, Please feel free to contact me at 3965-7817 or by email.

    Thanks :D

  20. Riaz says:

    Wow….what an amazing collection you have but more importantly, what a site you have!

    Yours is giving me such inspiration. May be I can also organize and create a similar page to how and share more about my collecting journey as well as the information behind various models i have.

    While going through your For Sale and Wanted models I noticed a few for which i am interested in.

    How to leave a comment or contact you for those specific ones? :)

  21. Henry says:


    我有一部190e 柏林二千尾翼遺失了一件配件.


  22. Dragon says:


  23. Dan says:

    想問而家香港哪裡有賣cmc,Almost real,exoto的實體店?


  24. Jake says:

    Thank you for share you collection with us. It’s awesome! I have collected 1/18 diecast for ten years myself, mostly Ferrari. Never find anyone have the same Passion as you. Really impressive!

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for your visit. :)

    • sam says:

      Hi Admin.
      Do you have any contact info. I’m writing an essay about this model car phenomenon and I’m a CMC/exoto/DG collector as well. I’lll like to exchange more insight with you.

  25. cuicc says:

    Hi.Do you have these models for sale ?Thanks.

    1/18 Davis & Giovanni (D&G) Lamborghini Liberty Walk LB*Performance Aventador LP700 GULF
    1/18 Davis & Giovanni (D&G) Lamborghini Liberty Walk LB*Performance Aventador LP700 Zero Fighter

  26. Ron Lau says:

    Sihing I have a dg Lamborghini lp700 need to be repaired may I know if u have any contact or recommendation places thanks so much

  27. Raymond says:

    Exquisite photos and models!! How’s the cafe coming along? Sure like to come visit. Marvellous work, dream collection needless to say :)

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