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Notre Dame



火光濃煙中的Notre Dame美得依然像一幅震撼的油畫

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上星期六睇Art Show,發現場中10個靚女10個都有整容,6個係大陸,3個係韓國,剩番係台灣或者陀地。



但整容卻可能因為好色的金主歡喜得到工作/人生上的徹底改變, and that makes a huge difference!



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I was surprised to see this poster in the art show on Saturday…Miss you so much Leslie!




5 days has passed since Leslie left this world. We went to the candle light memorial event outside Mandarin Oriental. It was such a touching scene, over 300 people gathered by themselves voluntarily, helping each other to light up the candles in the wind.

I couldn’t help myself and cried out finally after so many days, especially during the second time singing 風繼續吹. There was a moment that I finally found relief after singing the last sentence of 追…「有了你 即使沉睡了 也在笑」.

I looked up the sky and somehow saw Leslie singing this last sentence with us and said good bye.

In my opinion, last night’s event is even more important than the following condolence on the 7th and the 8th as it marks the most beautiful moment in many people’s heart.

We left around 9:30PM after signing the memorial board and we wrote “今生今世 最愛 張國榮!” This is the message I and Monica really want to express to our beloved Leslie.

I still remember exactly two years ago on 4/6/2001 (last night of Leslie’s Passion Tour Finale in Hong Kong) before the song 這些年來. Leslie asked if anyone came together tonight? We stood up immediately and waved our hands continuously and we shouted “Yes, we are!!! Gor Gor!!!”. He noticed right away and laughed, and he looked at us and said “You should hold her hand tight now instead of waving to me” and that indeed made the whole audience laughed.

Gor Gor! It was you who brought us together at first and we will definitely treasure our relationship. That’s why we are going to dedicate the song 為您鍾情 to you in our coming wedding in November.

On the way back, we sang 最愛 several times as this is the song that we wanted to dedicate to Leslie the most!

To the person that we adore the most! Leslie! Do you know we really miss you…你在何地?

Always remembering you, Gor Gor!

作曲:李宗盛 作詞:鄭國江 編曲:顧嘉輝

*若你永遠為這一縷情 為了愛過愿意不再改
這生盼只有此夢 一生只想得你愛
共你挽住了握過了 愿你挽住再不放開
千般溫柔這纖纖手 万縷熱愛在滲透*

恨事遺留始終不朽 千金一笑瀟洒依舊
對對錯錯千般恩怨 像湖水吹皺
曾被愛過痛過的我 曾被愛過痛的過
原為了要我与你遇見 再度分開
要說的偏偏忘掉 我最愛的人
今生只得你 永遠也得
情是這樣細膩 估唔到你同我一樣

早知道做人這么累 我就不下凡了

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City of Life 動感之都

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I love this city because Hong Kong is so vibrant and full of energy!



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想當年我20幾歲的時候都不知道自己在做些什么,對人生也沒有確切的長遠規範。(當然現在更沒有,只求活在當下 :) )

真是「少年出英雄」! Bravo!!!

嘩! 醒神!

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總是發現今天一瞬間那些整了容的靚女都很漂亮,但過了24小時後就完全無法記得她們的樣子,怎麼會這樣呢? 有冇搞錯?



By admin, November 7, 2018 12:53

客人誤以為真 呢幾日我解釋到口水都乾 睇來今次呢個靠恐嚇(老土)嘅套路又真係Work

黑客利用人性弱點 「黑鏡黑鏡,到底邊個先係真正嘅陰暗」,勁過魔鏡,照妖捉妖,警世贖世 ✌


“Mirror mirror on the wall Who’s the darkest of them all?” :)

——- Forwarded Message ——– Subject: Password for this account is xxxx. You need change it immediately!
Date: 6 Nov 2018
To: you


I’m a programmer who cracked your email account and device about half year ago.
You entered a password on one of the insecure site you visited, and I catched it.
Your password from bill@ on moment of crack: xxxx

Of course you can will change your password, or already made it.
But it doesn’t matter, my rat software update it every time.

Please don’t try to contact me or find me, it is impossible, since I sent you an email from your email account.

Through your e-mail, I uploaded malicious code to your Operation System.
I saved all of your contacts with friends, colleagues, relatives and a complete history of visits to the Internet resources.
Also I installed a rat software on your device and long tome spying for you.

You are not my only victim, I usually lock devices and ask for a ransom.
But I was struck by the sites of intimate content that you very often visit.

I am in shock of your reach fantasies! Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this!
I did not even know that SUCH content could be so exciting!

So, when you had fun on intime sites (you know what I mean!)
I made screenshot with using my program from your camera of yours device.
After that, I jointed them to the content of the currently viewed site.

Will be funny when I send these photos to your contacts! And if your relatives see it?
BUT I’m sure you don’t want it. I definitely would not want to …

I will not do this if you pay me a little amount.
I think $716 is a nice price for it!

I accept only Bitcoins.
My BTC wallet: 1QHEbZG8NQT6vYCC8pyHvteNcsmJ78B3ak3

If you have difficulty with this – Ask Google “how to make a payment on a bitcoin wallet”. It’s easy.
After receiving the above amount, all your data will be immediately removed automatically.
My virus will also will be destroy itself from your operating system.

My Trojan have auto alert, after this email is looked, I will be know it!

You have 2 days (48 hours) for make a payment.
If this does not happen – all your contacts will get crazy shots with your dirty life!
And so that you do not obstruct me, your device will be locked (also after 48 hours)

Do not take this frivolously! This is the last warning!
Various security services or antiviruses won’t help you for sure (I have already collected all your data).

Here are the recommendations of a professional:
Antiviruses do not help against modern malicious code. Just do not enter your passwords on unsafe sites!

I hope you will be prudent.

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