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By admin, November 14, 2016 14:18


Love this song!

By admin, November 9, 2016 12:05

今天又發現了首好聽的歌,Simone White清新的感覺真的很Lenka!

Another Diva from the 60s!

By admin, November 7, 2016 14:00

Jazz is a white term to define Black people. My music is Black classical music – Nina Simone

What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5?

By admin, November 4, 2016 14:11

After almost 6 years since the release of ESX 4.1 in Aug 2010, vSphere 6.5 has finally arrived. However imoo, I would still prefer to call it ESX 4.5 at max as there are not much new and useful  features added to be honest.

vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 (VCSA) is probably the most interesting one as it comes with native high availability, so no more worry about that single point of failure.

Other than that, I bet most of the 99% out there won’t really find those so called new feature useful in their daily operation.

In additional, seems there is no major change in VMware’s licensing model, remember that horrible vRAM tax back in 2012? :)

Finally, I am looking for Total SSD storage solution recently, and my eyes are on Pure Storage, but why their stock PSTG is dropping like hell?


Virtualization came-in and changed everything!

By admin, November 2, 2016 12:36

Come across this photo of my previous project today, can’t believe it’s almost 10 years already!…Used to setup a lot of cables, servers and network equipment before.

Then Virtualization came-in and changed everything, now with just after a few mouse clicks you have all the pieces ready in the photo, everything is software defined…well, at least it’s much more Eco-friendly for data center environment nowadays, and most importantly virtualization made my life much easier finally! (The answer is VMW if you know what I mean)



By admin, October 23, 2016 22:50

有感而發: 今天傍晚在尖沙咀誠品見到店內加了很多免費的座位給顧客看書,書店整體氣氛跟之前完全不同了。另外店裡多了很多穿著很日系打扮的文藝青年男女,煞是有Feel。

我個人認為,在香港搞有品味的文化傳播還是留給台灣人搞算了。因為香港本地的投資者第一句會問 “有冇得賺先?”



By admin, October 23, 2016 22:30

今天逛書店的時候發現了這個封面,背景是巴黎的老牌酒店Plaza Athenee。




By admin, October 22, 2016 11:54





After Laughter (Comes Tears)

By admin, October 12, 2016 18:03

自己特別喜歡Morgan Freeman,昨晚看了他2006年主演的Lucky Number Slevin,發現裡面有一首歌很不錯。 很難解釋為什麼特別喜歡這些60年代的音樂,可能是老媽曾經講過 “Those are the real music from a passionate time!”

另外推薦Driving Miss Daisy(山水喜相逢)這套戲給所有喜歡Morgan Freeman的朋友。


By admin, October 4, 2016 12:08

最近在奈良展出一件日本皇室秘藏了1300年的寶物,它是唐玄宗和楊貴妃當年共同贈送給日本天皇的琵琶。這篇報道引起我的注意,所以在網上尋找了許多關於開元之治時期的資料。其中這套央視製作關於唐朝首都長安城的「大明宮」最為精彩,對於我們為什麼叫唐人和楊貴妃又深入了解不少,值得觀看! 另外不能說特別喜歡中樂,但這套紀錄片中的琵琶配樂的確甚為好聽!

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