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For all Versus Collectors:

I finally decided write about Versus so that model collector will know better what was this brand that disappeared in 2011 as everyone knows now with the Tsunami that destroyed few towns in the North East of Japan. Especially Rikusen Takata where Versus was making its modelcars The purpose is to share information about this famous brand. So that the Versus work of art still remains in collectors memory.

The builder of the brand, Masanori Akashi, was a hand craft builder that started to be world famous in 2006/2007. Early, I guess he was already famous in Japan where he was producing 1/18 scale models mainly from resin kits or transkits provided by APM. Fisrt the products he was realizing were under another brand M&H (at this stage, we are several persons to think that it is the names of Masanori’s daughters Maria and Hikari). In 2006/2007, the brand has already changed to Versus. On the Japanese market, another brand was used called Veloce because Masanori made also cars for Veloce who adapt transkits on real cars.

All the cars were made in very limited quantity but this is not for that reason that the cars have value in my eyes. The accuracy and the building of the cars are the best result achieved for non industrial 1/18 model cars (I only know this scale…) in my opinion of course. The car choices were in a word “Super cars and super tuned cars” I know this is already six words, but also “one off models under customer request also in 1/24 scale and 1/12 scale”, sorry I should have said in many words…

I list here the models I have in mind but will certainly forget many cars, sorry for that… and fell free to add all information that you want One other particularity is painting method, all painting has been completed with the PPG system (same as the Ferrari factory in Maranello), the best quality worldwide.

Super tuned cars:

Strosek: Only the Diablo Strosek Based on an APM resin full kit


  • First the F48 which was a resin transkit for the Burago 348 TB, there are two versions, the TB and the TS;
  • The Testarossa Koenig Twin Turbo, KS1, KS2, also in spider for the last two. All are APM resin kits;
  • The F355 light tuned: based on a UT F355;
  • The 512 BB based on an APM resin Kit.

Fabulous: Only the F430 based on a hotwheels with an APM resin transkit


  • The 360 coupe and spider based on a hotwheels and enhanced with an APM resin transkit;
  • The F430 coupe and roadster, fisrt edition with an APM transkit for a Hotwheels and the second based on an Elite F430 with a resin transkit (home made?);
  • The 599 Fiorano: based on a hotwheels with a resin transkit;
  • The California: based on an Elite with a resin transkit;
  • The Murcielago Hamann coupe and roadster based on an autoart Murcielago.

Gemballa: The Testarossa and the MIG- U1 are both full resin kits (not from APM though)

Veilside: Only the Murcielago rodster and coupe based on the norev Murcielago

LB Performance: Only the Murcielago based on a Norev Murcielago

Novitec Rosso:

  • The California: based on an Elite with a resin transkit;
  • The F430 : based on an Elite with a resin transkit;
  • The 599 Fiorano: based on a hotwheels/Elite with a resin transkit.

Other serie models:

  • Diablo 6.0: Based on an APM resin full kit;
  • Diablo SV: Based on an autoart with an APM resin transkit;
  • Diablo VT: Based on an autoart with an APM resin transkit;
  • Diablo SVR: Repaint of an Autoart Diablo SVR;
  • Diablo SE35th: Based on an APM resin full kit;
  • Scuderia 16M: based on a hotwheels with an APM transkit;
  • F430 Super GT: based on a resin JP Model full kit in a different livery, Rosso Corsa, Carbon and Jim Gainer. This one is special in the fact that it is kind of a premium version called “PREMIER” with an evea base (but few cars come with an aluminium base).

GT Concept cars:

  • F50: Based on an APM resin full kit;
  • Enzo 2005: APM kit or transkit;
  • Enzo Evoluzione (BBS rims): APM kit or transkit;
  • 612 Scaglietti: APM kit or transkit;
  • FXX: Based on an APM resin full kit;
  • 360 Modena GTC Présentation.

One Off models:

  • F40 GTE: Based on a burago with a scuderia modelli transkit (and perhaps robustelli transkit);
  • F40 Evoluzione: Based on a burago with a Robustelli transkit;
  • F40 Taisan #34 red/black: Based on a burago with a Robustelli transkit;
  • F40 Taisan #40 red: Based on a burago with a Robustelli transkit;
  • F40 LM: Based on a kyosho with an APM resin transkit;
  • 288 GTO: Based on a burago with a Robustelli transkit;
  • Diablo SE30 Purple coupe and Roadster. If you want to add more information feel free to do it.

手版收藏專家: Hirokun Collection

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這位來自日本的收藏家Hirokun專門收藏那些罕有而且限量的1/18手版汽車模型,比如說VERSUS/APM/MG Model/MR Collection等等。經過多年觀察市場所得,懂得欣賞和給得起這些天價的收藏家大多數都在法國和日本,可能跟他們的藝術文化背景有關。



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其實香港這個小城市裡隱藏著無數不知名的模型製作高手,其中一個近年做得比較有規模的就是Kane & Company,他們的成名作便是那台精密的1比12 MFH Ferrari 126C2 Belgian GP 1982 G. Villeneuve!



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從這位老先生的Formula 1 & Lemans 博客完全可以看得出 He’s One of Us!!!

一個外國Danbury Mint收藏家的相冊

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當中不乏精辟之作,很多都是稀有罕見的Danbury Mint產品,而且拍得很有感覺,這就是正統的美國派了!

JCarnutz Collection


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他就是來自法國的迷你賽車場景大師Jean-Claude Baudier

Baudier 自幼喜歡賽車運動,尤其是家鄉舉世聞名的勒芒24小時耐力賽。他也喜歡收藏模型車,但由於不滿於單調的擺設,所以開始了自家製作的場景。

慢慢地他的作品為人知道和讚許,終于在1986年Baudier和其它8名成員成立了CHRONO 43工作室專門為客人製作賽車場景,他們的團隊已經累積了超過30年的賽車場景製作經驗,而且更出過一本專門講述他們製作過過程的場景書籍,在其中分享製作過程和經驗。




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今晚終於給我找到了! 實在太高興了!!!



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今天找到了一個專門販賣F1紀念物品的發燒友網站,尤其以車神Ayrton Senna的物品最為繁多,收藏物品幾乎包羅萬有,想不到世上還有如此對F1痴迷的收藏家。

感覺跟之前見過位於加拿大多倫多的那個Collector Studio差不多,這個更加個人化一些,一看就知道是個”F1狂迷”自己開的網店。



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如果你和我一樣喜歡50到80年代的Grand Prix和Le Mans,那麼這個網站絕對不容錯過。



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