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My New Weapon: Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro

By admin, October 2, 2011 00:15

After playing almost 20 years with POG, it’s finally time for me to switch.

I’ve tried various spin-centric like rackets such as Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex GT, Yonex V Core 100 S / Yonex E-Zone 100. Finally I’ve located my ultimate weapon which is Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro. The 16 x 19 familiar String Pattern is what I like the most about this racket as it’s exactly the same as my old POG. Well, POG was one of the best spin generating rackets back in the 80s, but as tennis technology has advanced by so much in the past 20 years as well as my age/fitness, so it’s finally the right time to experience the difference.

IG Extreme Pro is a very different beast in terms of stiffness mainly. Comparing to POG, IG Extreme Pro is 75 vs 62, people always say POG is one of the most arm/elbow friendly racket which I couldn’t agree more. Therefore, I am afraid putting poly strings on IG Extreme Pro is going to hurt my arm.

After taking the advices from the local pro shop and my tennis partners, I’ve selected Tecnifibre-NRG2 Gauge 17 (1.24), a multifilament string that supposed to be much softer and arm easy than Luxilon Alu poly. In additional, I didn’t go with the combination of Poly+Multi due to the same reason that IG Extreme Pro is quite a stiff racket. (ie, stiff racket + stiff poly string = tennis elbow). So the final specification is Main 58lbs and Cross 60lbs.

Finally, my tennis partner said POG is good for hitting flat balls, it’s good for spin due to it’s enormous string bed (107), but it did reach the end in modern tennis game which involves much more spins.

I am going to try this racket next Monday and report back my experience shortly.



Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm.
Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight: 11.7oz / 331.69g
Balance: 4 pts HL
Swingweight: 321
Stiffness: 75
Beam Width: 24mm / 26mm / 23mm /
Composition: d3o / Innegra / Graphite
Power Level: Low
Stroke Style: Full
Swing Speed: Fast
Racquet Colors: Black / Yellow
Grip Type: Head Hydrosorb Tour
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7H,9H,7T,9T
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension: 52-62 pounds


Tecnifibre-NRG2 Gauge 17

Update: Oct 5, 2011

After using Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro for 2 hours, I would say it’s definitely one of the most amazing experiences in my tennis history. I can produce some of the wildest forehand shots from the baseline, volley at the net no longer goes long or twists like my old classic rackets. The most noticed area is my serve as IG Extreme Pro is able to produce a lot more spin and power than before. I do think I raised my game by another level 50% due to changing of the racket.

However, I do find the racket is quite head heavy as described by most reviews, other than that, it’s the perfect weapon as expected.

Update: Nov 13, 2011

Tecnifibre-NRG2 Gauge 17 was broken today after just 24 hours tennis session, wow! THIS IS TOO FAST AND TOO EXPENSIVE, I must admit Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro indeed a string eatting monster. I am going to pro shop tomorrow and ask for advice, probably choosing Gauge  will help.

Update: Nov 14, 2011

Today I went to the pro-shop and asked around, apparently, Tecnifibre-NRG2 is one of the most popular and cost effective multi around.

So instead of going to the route of Poly (Main) + Multi (Cross), I simply use Tecnifibre-NRG2 Gauge 16 for Main and Tecnifibre-NRG2 Gauge 17 for Cross, tension is still 58 (M) and 60 (C).

Finally I noticed one negative thing about multi is multi loose tension badly after a few hits (probably 10 hours session), they start to feel like very fragile and a totally different string comparing when they are newly strung, well I don’t really care as long as it won’t hurt my arm.

* A tennis mentioned last month “I now play with alu power + x-one hybrid. plays very well and last bit longer than full multi-filament.”

Well, if this new combination broke under 20 hours, then I will definitely give it a 2nd thought switching to his recommendation. Still my NRG last twice longer than his NRG, this must mean something (ie, he’s a powerful aggressive player)

Update: Dec 13, 2011

Damn it, I broke the string again in less than 16 hours, seemed my new combination will shorten the string’s life, ok, I will use Gauge 16 Tecnifibre-NRG2 for both Main and Cross next time or simply use a hybrid  instead (Poly for Main + Multi for  Cross)

Oh the feel of NRG2 is  amazing, even before it broke, definitely one of the best string I’ve ever  played, only it’s too expensive to keep. (ie, re-string at least once a month)

Update: Dec 23, 2011

I am going back to the first choice, Tecnifibre NRG2 Gauge 17 for both Main (58 lbs) and Cross (60lbs) and see if this time it can last for more than 24 hours. If it still breaks too fast, I simply switch to Poly, hard poly for main and soft poly for cross next time.

Update: Jan 21, 2012

Well, the previous combination Tecnifibre NRG2 Gauge 17 for both Main (58 lbs) and Cross (60lbs) didn’t last even for 14 hours,  it’s the cross got broken this time.

I am really getting frustrated as less and less duration the string lasts, so I went back to pro-shop today and asked them to simply switch to Tecnifibre NRG2 Gauge 16 for both Main (58 lbs) and Cross (60lbs), hopefully, I can reach 20 hours this time.

Update: Mar 20, 2012

The previous Tecnifibre NRG2 Gauge 16 for both main and cross did last almost twice longer, but it felt almost dead when reaching the end. The funniest thing is I didn’t break the string, but it gave up by itself automatically last night when sitting in the corner.

Anyway, I’ve tried to hit my other spare Extreme Pro with Black Code which is a full poly with excellent result and feel, I think I will switch it completely to Black Code for both of my rackets. I do have concern using full poly as they tends to hurt arms of many, but since Black Code is a very soft poly string, so let’s see.

Update: Mar 28, 2012

Poly is definitely hurting my arm and shoulder, so I’ve decided to switch back to NRG2 multi with Gauge 16 for Main (58lb) and Gauge 17 for Cross (60lb).

Update: Jul 5, 2012

I found Extreme Pro feels the best a few hours before I broke the string, so I decied to lower the tension this time, still the same NRG2 multi, Gauge 16 for Main (58lb) and Gauge 17 for Cross (60lb).

Update: Oct 22, 2012

The previous NRG2 last 3 times longer (ie, 3 months) because I was switching between POG and Head EP. Anyway, I have a new thought today when visiting the pro-shop, since my Extreme Pro is very stiff, why not try to put on a traditional synthetic gut which is very soft. So this time I restrung with Prince Synthetic Plus Gauge 16, Main (58lb) and Cross (60lb), the shop owner told me it may not even last longer than NRG, strange! As my existing Prince Synthetic Guts (15) normally last for 4-5 months, well, will try it out this Friday.

First Day of Playing After Injury

By admin, September 17, 2011 19:56

It’s been more than one month since my last appearance on the court. I enjoyed playing again today with my partner, I feel so good being able to come out and play again under the sunshine. 

I started slowly and picked up the pace gradually, worked on my forehand, then backhand, then volley and finally the serve. In particular, I emphasized on my form, not to “late hit” on every single shot and completed my swing motion more fluidly than before, there I see the effect immediately, my shots is more speedy and more spin. Now I regret that I was being so lazy and hurt myself eventually, stupid really!

sm9337017020_Patella_Band[1]Finally, I started to use Nike Patella Band for my left knee for extra protection. After the game, I rushed to Gigasport and bought another one for my right knee. The Petella Band worths the investment and it’s only HK$62 after discount, they worked pretty well I must say for my knees that’s getting older every day. :)  

Well, I simply try to use every possible method to extend my tennis game till 80 years old!

US Open 2011 Final: The Best Ever Rally and Deuce Game in Modern Tennis

By admin, September 15, 2011 21:52

Were these two playing video game? :)

Tennis Bible by Novak Djokovic

By admin, September 7, 2011 19:04

Federer is Back!

By admin, September 6, 2011 18:15

Suddenly, Federer is playing like champion again in his early 20s, beating the hell out of his opponent with bashing shots. Just look at his rhythm and footwork, something definitely has changed to him recently.


By admin, August 3, 2011 13:39

昨天一路打一路食指疼(index finger knuckle)﹐全是因為我忽略了Late Hit的嚴重性﹐已經兩星期了﹐看來這次傷得不輕﹐不能再拖了﹐為了以後的球場幸福﹐要忍疼暫別網壇至少一個月﹐療傷期間改去游泳也﹗


By admin, July 17, 2011 18:05

南韓選手打的是削球,球拍向乒乓球的中下部削推,過來的球下旋,對手回球一定要根據下旋的程度來上提或平推,提得不夠球會下網,提得太多球會出台。下旋球的轉軸可以是平的,也可以是斜的, 給對手造成很大的困難。中國選手打的是上旋進攻球,擊球中上部,產生上旋球,除了來球快,球到對方台面會急遽前衝,對手要有快速反應的能力才行。




By admin, July 4, 2011 14:23


十分的昂貴價錢 !
八分的觀眾氣氛 !
五分的3D效果 !




一定要改掉Late Hit的問題﹗

By admin, June 25, 2011 16:40

最近發現自己多了很多Late Hit的問題﹐尤其是正手﹐兩個鐘頭下來的結果就是Elbow開始有些酸軟﹐幸虧之後通常會休息2-3天再打﹐所以沒什麼關係﹐總結原因就是精神不集中才會造成Late Hit的問題﹐這個問題一定要儘早改掉﹗



By admin, June 23, 2011 13:46




* 兩場SF隨時4至8個鐘頭﹐我肯定頂不住了﹐所以才放棄買的SF﹐而選F。

潮流興 3D,新一屆溫布頓網球賽主辦單位與 Sony合作,於全球戲院首次以 3D直播男單準決賽,以及男、女單決賽合共四場賽事。本港 UA院線昨日公佈,旗下兩間戲院將直播 3D溫布頓網球賽,門票今日起發售,票價一律 250元。

UA院線發言人表示,為慶祝溫布頓網球賽 125周年,球賽主辦單位決定全球以 3D直播四場賽事,分別是男單準決賽及男、女單決賽。 UA院線取得 3D直播權,旗下 UA iSQUARE及 UA megaBOX兩間戲院下月 1日晚上 9時直播男單準決賽兩場, 2日晚上 10時直播女單決賽, 3日晚上直播男單決賽,讓觀眾近距離感受每一個發球、或底線抽擊。發言人續稱,門票一律 250元,即日起供預訂,兩間直播戲院每場提供三百個座位,預料爆滿,「我哋最擔心係打打吓波落雨要封場,我哋已經通知有關戲院嘅商場,會通宵開放,球迷可以安心睇波」。

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