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Happy Tennis: 2nd Year Anniversary (2週年紀念)

By admin, March 15, 2011 17:43



希望今後的日子有更多的朋友和我一齊來享受Happy Tennis。

Some interesting statistics:

Courts Booked: ~180場
Tennis Balls: 60罐
Restring: 4次


Yonex VCore 100 S

By admin, February 22, 2011 22:03

Today I finally got a chance to hit with the latest racket from Yonex, VCore 100 S, S specifies for Spin. It’s also the choice from current world #1 Caroline Wozniacki who just switched from Babolat recently.

I found indeed I can hit much better quality top spin with confidence ever than before, thanks to VCore’s technology “Spin to win with 3D Control”.

In fact, there isn’t much to compare with my 25 years old POG, I must admit the technology is definitely there this time and it did help me to improve my baseline style game, not to mention VCore 100 S also helped me to serve with more spin and angle, it’s simply amazing and I start to love it!

I am pretty sure now this is the one to go when it’s available in local store later.


New Combination: Luxilon TIMO + M2 for POG

By admin, January 29, 2011 22:09

I went to the pro-shop today and found out Luxilon no longer produces Big Banger ACE TOUCH hybrid, so I asked the owner to recommend something similar in terms of feel and composition, and he suggested Luxilon TIMO 18 (Main) + M2 17  (Cross) for my POG, which TIMO 18 replaced Ace 18 and M2 17 replaced Supersense 16L.

This time I asked the pro-stop to string it to 57lbs as the previous 60lbs was a bit too hard at the beginning and I felt more comfortable and much better control when string bed started to lose its tension, it felt incredibility good 1 month before it breaks, so I conclude somewhere around 55-57lbs should do the magic.

Anyway, let me try it on Monday and report back again.


Luxilon Big Banger TIMO 110 18 (Main)


Luxilon M2 17 (Cross)


Update Jan-31

After hitting for 2 hours, I found indeed the new combination is very close to the previous discontinued Big Banger ACE TOUCH hybrid, I like it very much!

Update Apr-13

To my surprise, it only last for 2 1/2 months, DAMN! I am not sure if it’s the lower tension (57lb vs 60lb) I asked for this time or Big Banger ACE TOUCH hybrid is a lot more durable. Of course, there is the 3rd possbility that I’ve added more spin into my ground stroke and serve. :)

Serving Body and Tennis Ball become ONE!

By admin, January 27, 2011 21:19

In thoday’s game, I was able to get more spin and raise the safety margin on my serve now after changing to back-hand grip, of course, I am still working on the stability, and I am pretty sure I will manage it shortly

Actually there is another tips on serving which was advised by my CHing, you got to completely relax your body before the serving motion, as it will create more energy and make your serve more efficient, and this also applies to 詠春 equally which I just learn recently.

So I tried the back-hand grip serving technic and force myself to completely relax my body, that indeed produced some very nice serves today. The most fun part is first time in history I can actually feel my body is driving the ball upward and toward the service line (become one: body+ball), this is really fun, I definitely need to practice more on this stuff.

經過一年才終于打斷了Luxilon Big Banger ACE TOUCH Hybrid球線

By admin, January 13, 2011 23:51



Luxilon Big Banger ACE TOUCH Hybrid, Ace 18 (Main), Supersense 16L (Cross)


By admin, January 13, 2011 22:25

多謝兩位師兄今天來切磋﹐天公造美﹐原來還擔心會下雨﹐但到了3點竟然陽光普照﹐讓我們一共享受了3小時的Happy Tennis。

高手原來表面是完全看不出來的﹐直至上了場才知道今天遇到了兩位above 4.0高手中的高手。

一個power serve+top spin打兩邊﹐底線穩的無懈可擊﹐有頭腦又有plan﹐今天是我第一次比人打到連底線都要叫救命。原來還以為底線還可以﹐慚愧﹐見識了什麼是真正的底線抽擊才知道自己的渺小﹐哈哈。。。要改進和學習的東西實在太多了。

另一個也是打了二十多年的高手﹐電腳+平擊大斜角﹐他們兩個派左無數個蛋比我﹐記憶中好像只贏了他們各一個game﹐而且還要是他們自己多unforce error。有幾個game自己的開球還不錯﹐有角度也有速度﹐但還是給對手輕易的一個短球+nice angle﹐then game over。真的拗晒頭都沒方法可以打贏他們。

今天的學到的重點是速度+spin﹐第一次感受到什麼是新式的powerful top spin打法﹐還有就是他們兩位的下盤極之穩定﹐foot work almost perfect﹐打波其實真的靠對腳﹐腳到進攻就成功了一半﹐正如開球好一樣。

我的其中最大的缺點就是下盤不穩﹐foot work almost none﹐改了好多次﹐比當初已經進步了些﹐但離他們的水平實在相差太遠﹐還需繼續努力。


YY(Yonex)的ISO Metric果然確名不虛傳

By admin, December 14, 2010 21:29

多謝六叔同Will和我今天爆左好多板﹐平時最弱的開波今日竟然發揮到﹐靠它拿了不少分﹐總結就是絕對不能懶﹐由拋球﹑彎腰﹑weight transfer到擊球﹐樣樣都不能懶﹐還有就是上次師兄提醒我拋球是要拋去左邊一些﹐才能做出大角度和多些Spin﹔加上Wolf兄在星期日示範了如何運用前臂去包球而產生更加多的旋轉和向前沖的力量﹐這些都增加了今日的發球的穩定性和力量。


最後嘗試了Will的新YY Ezone球拍﹐YY 的ISO Metric果然確名不虛傳﹐跟之前試過的一系列YY一樣﹐真的很SPIN和容易控制尤其是上網和Approach Shot﹐而且手感極好﹗





By admin, November 16, 2010 22:16


恍如隔世 Back from Hell!

By admin, November 14, 2010 23:19


因為8月開始公司需要進行大型的系統升級而且加上時間緊迫﹐所以這段期間連睡覺時間都很寶貴﹐每天幾乎都要工作長達13-15個鐘頭﹐最低時薪$28肯定達不到。 (對IT/Network/Server有興趣的朋友﹐可以到我的Blog看看詳情)


Now I am back from Hell!   又可以從新開始新的波季﹗

真心希望可以和大家從新再次享受Happy Tennis!  





Just like in a tennis game, sometimes, you need to learn when to let go for a shot or even a game and prepare for the next one that may eventually lead to a victory in a match.


Prince Graphite Original, The very 1st Generation

By admin, July 14, 2010 11:32

Recently, I acquired a rare piece of collector’s item and almost complete my POG collections except the mid and mid-plus versions. It is the very first generation of POG, the one with 1 stripe, head size 110 (though a bit bigger than other POG 110 4 stripes and heavier). This version came out around 1978 and Made in USA. This version of POG was used by many big names back in the 80s, super stars like Andre Agassi, Gabriela Sabatini and of course my favouite, Michael Chang.

Searching through the net, I discovered there are actually two different versions of POG with 1 stripe, see the followings:

POG with 1 stripe – very 1st version, no side deco (ie, blank on both side)


POG with 1 stripe - the 2nd version, note Prince Logo and side deco



Some more information I found on Tennis-Warehouse Forum

POG 1 = Tear dropped shaped head single line with no grommets/no bumper and no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1978

POG 2 = Tear dropped shaped head, single line with grommets/no bumper no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1980?

POG 3 = Normal shaped head, single line with grommets and bumper, printing on side is “graphite series 110″ top has no printing front is Prince/Graphite. Printed stringing weight is 70-80 – Circa 1983

POG 3.5 = Same as 3 but side says “graphite 110″, String weight 60-75
Circa ?

POG 4 = Norm head, 4 line with grommets/bumper, printing on side is “graphite 110″, top is “110″ , side sticker says “series 110″ front is Prince/Prince- , Printed stringing weight is 60-75 – Circa 1987

POG 4.5 = Same as POG 4 but top is printed “oversize”, side is “graphite oversize” , front is Prince/Prince, printed stringing weight is 50-60 -
Circa > 1987 (any ideas?)

POG 5 = Straight shaft-Not sure of OS had straight shaft?

POG 6 = Tour

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