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想打波進步就一定要看 Great tennis tutorial videos that I want to share with you!

By admin, April 4, 2009 01:04

Recently, I have found the following links on Tube that give so much information for improving your skills and game, and the fact I did learn a lot from the followings.

Btw, I think it’s for intermedium+ players as you can understand a lot more of what they actually mean in the video if you play often.

1. FYB – You cannot miss this, it’s very informative and analytical

2. Webtennis – A lot tips in how to improve your game/skill

3. TennisMindGame – More on strategies

4. NetPost – A messy collection

5. CoachKyril – This guy teaches how to CRACK tennis, what’s is “crack”? It’s like the shortest path to success, like those 補習天王type.

6. ServeDoc – Unique learning materials

7. See how pros hit their shots



By admin, March 26, 2009 21:11



隨之而來先是氣憤(因這麼容易的球都打不到)﹑因為壓力令身體更不協調, 即而出現氣餒然後想放棄。惡性循環﹐氣憤>氣餒>放棄﹐至信心全失去。


The Selection of Tennis Racquets

By admin, March 19, 2009 15:16

When you are a beginner, you tend to use a larger and super techono enhanced racquet (at my time, it was Wilson Hammer 2.7 si) because you may feel it’s more powerful and more easy to handle, most of the time it’s lighter (acutally head heavy) as well.

When you gets into tennis, say after 5 years, you will gradually look for control (then I switched to POG OS), and then after say 10+ years, you will gradually look for feel and touch of every ball you hit., that’s how I found racquets like S85/PC600 are the perfect ones (acutally head light) and indeed they are VERY Heavy and VERY UNFORGIVING compares to Oversize ones, they also require you to have full loop swing, good footwork, but who cares, I don’t play that much set, just casual tennis, enjoy the feel/touch/angle is the most delighting part of my game.

It’s really hard to explain in words, but do try those old daddy racquets if you have a chance, they are amazing, and visit TW forum more, you will see many others agrees with my point.


By admin, March 19, 2009 05:23

P. Sampras, I. Lendl, B. Becker, A. Agassi, S. Edberg, these are all the big icons we remembered from the 80s, and of course, how can we left out our favourite Tennis Prince Michael Chang! and indeed it was Michael who won the 89 French Open that inspired me to really pick up tennis as my one and only sports back then.

Wilson Prostaff 85, Head Prestige Classic 600, Prince Graphite, Addias GTX, Donnay Pro One, Head Radical, these are all the Holy Grail racquets, many of us wanted to own badly in order to feel what it’s like to be one of the above big names.

Serigio Tachinni, Nike, Addias, Fila and Reebok associated tennis fashion (like fluorescent 熒光 clothing from Agassi, back then I own a pair of those Nike shoes and they are so NOT durable), I still remembered many of us dressing like one of those above icons when we were teens and it was real fun to intimate like them and of course this also leads to many bad habit, exactly what we called 一板王, really a syndrome watching too much tennis matches on tele. The famous fluorescent 熒光 clothing from Agassi, back then it was very very cool, but can you still stand it now?

Technology like Wilson PWS, Hammer, Prince Cross Bar, Head Suspension Handle Systems, Nike Air, Reebok Pump Court Victory were all emerging from the 80s, we have been chasing just for those new terms and equipments and hoping it will improve our game instead of improving our own tennis skill.

I remembered the first time attending Wimbledon, watching 20 years old Sampras plays on side court while he’s not even THAT famous, Jim vs Jim (Connors vs Courier) wow…it’s just eye opening to watch it live.

Do you visit all the time? If you do, then you are one of us who may still live in the 80s.



It’s not like nowadays, just Google and click click click, everything is so easy to obtain.
Back then, it was an era without the Internet, we are eager to learn anything related to Tennis. haha…feels so satified by then.

Anyway, tennis game has changed a lot since 20 years ago, almost no pro will serve and approach the net, racquets are much powerful and stiff than before.

Like others said, I also agree there isn’t much Classic Pro these days, Federer is one of the exceptional though, it’s almost becoming an art watching those 80s/90s pro playing on court, as back then, tennis ball travels at a slower speed, so you can actually see the tactic, spin and various interesting stuff, today, seemed top spin over rule everything.

A  good example is Nadal, it’s not a negative thing, Nadal plays excellent, but it’s just boring to watch in my own opinion comparing to before. (預左比人插,但請不要太用力)

Finally, I would recommend everyone to take a look at this:

It’s what Class is! Old vs New (Federer vs Sampras), what a @#$#@ great match!!!

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