Bentley Mulsanne量產黑色版本

By admin, February 12, 2011 20:58

更新﹕原來Bentley Mulsanne量產黑色版本也是用綠色廠盒來包裝的﹐但價格和之前的廠版相差無幾(便宜USD20左右)﹐這樣的話那當然是買廠版的那個金屬灰值得多了。


 1/18 Minichamps Bentley Mulsanne – Black



By admin, February 12, 2011 16:38




前天在灣仔NewAce看見Hotwheels Elite新出的308GTB﹐但做工粗糙﹐比幾年前京商的要差很多﹐所以沒收。

另外原來想買Elite的250 GT California Spyder﹐但CMC突然宣佈生產此車﹐那現在當然要把彈藥存起來﹐之後才進紅黑兩色也不遲。


之後又在AA專賣店看到了Zonda R的貨板﹐還真精緻﹐絕對有Exoto的水準﹐最後得知Zonda R會下星期二才少量供應給香港的車模舖們﹐看來這次還真要搶貨了。

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 1967 (Red/White Stripes)

By admin, February 10, 2011 21:53

This is one nice looking classic car, remember that Eleanor from the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”?



Everything you need to know about VMware Infrastructure

By admin, February 5, 2011 22:05

I just came across this GREAT PowerPoint presentation today, I wish I had it 6 months ago, it really helps you to clear the sky and understand many things before making the design and purchase decision.


VAAI got disabled during Storage vMotion and something about SIOC

By admin, February 4, 2011 16:10

At first, I got very poor performance when I was trying to svMotion a 20GB VM within the same Equallogic SAN between different volumes, it took over 20 minutes to complete, I thought there must be something wrong as I’ve already enabled VAAI.

After searching the net and discovered the problem is due to Different Block Size between the two volumes (1MB vs 2MB) that will actually disabled VAAI feature. :(

So choosing the volumes with the same block size, I was able to reduce the time by almost 10 times!!!

See attached graph, 15:22 to 15:42 is the one without VAAI, 15:50 to 15:52 is the one with VAAI.


In additional, I have implemented Storage I/O Control today and found Storage vMotion with VAAI isn’t affected by SIOC as the whole svMotion is offloaded on to the EQL array, so SIOC won’t really kick in, you may say svMotion with VAAI is “Out of Control ”, this is another great thing about VAAI!

Finally, I do think SIOC is one of the best feature in ESX 4.1 for many cloud hosting providers as they can finally meet their storage SLA now besides the CPU and memory.

EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware (HIT/VE)

By admin, February 3, 2011 12:29

It’s nice to have this compliment plug-in for your Equallogic and VMware vCenter.

  • EqualLogic Datastore Manager – Allows administrators to provision new Datastores, expand existing Datastores, and monitor storage usage in the VMware Datacenter.
  • Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® Edition 3.0 – Creates and restores Smartcopies of Hypervisor consistent Virtual Machines (VMs). Utilizes snapshots, clones, and replicas within PS Series group allowing for fast restoration or disaster recovery.
  • EqualLogic Virtual Desktop Deployment Tool – VMware View aware desktop provisioning wizard which allows the deployment of manual virtual desktop pools using array based space efficient thin clones and also allows the refresh of these pools.

    Note: These tools can be launched from the Home screen of vCenter and also from the new context sensitive tabs and right-click menu options that are added with the plug-in.

Btw, I am also getting the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware very soon from my Dell account manager, can’t wait to try it!

Coming Soon: CMC Ferrari 250 GT/ SWB California Spyder, 1961

By admin, February 3, 2011 11:49

Ferrari 250 GT/ SWB California Spyder is probably one of the most beautiful Ferrari ever made in the 1960s.

 M-091 (Red) Standard Version


M-094 (Black) Limited Edition 2,500 pcs.




Update Jan 27, 2012

CMC has released the sample of Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder

M-091    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder (red), 1961 EUR337

M-092    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder (blue), 1961
Lim. Ed. 2500 pcs. (Hard top) EUR345

M-093    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder (silver), 1961
Lim. Ed. 2500 pcs. (Hard top) EUR345

M-094    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder (black), 1961
Lim. Ed. 2500 pcs. (Hard top) EUR345


Dell OptiPlex 990 – Sandy Bridge will be released in March, 2011

By admin, February 2, 2011 23:55

Got this information from DellTechCenter:

Beginning in March 2011, Dell will launch the next generation of OptiPlex desktops. OptiPlex delivers business-class control with industry leading security, manageability and services. These systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into any office environment and provide business-class control with industry leading security, manageability and services. They will have a common ID design across our entry, mainstream and performance business segments for consistent look with the 2nd generation of Intel’s Core processors.

The new OptiPlex 990 w/Intel Q67 iCore CPU aims at delivering best-in-class productivity and business-class control. The new mainstream OptiPlex 790 w/Intel Q65 iCore CPU delivers strong Office productivity with flexible remote control. OptiPlex 390—Affordable, latest technology iCore OptiPlex packaged in our newest chassis design.

•Available in DT, MT and SFF form factors
•200W up to 265W Power Supply options
•i3-2100 up to i7-2600 CPU options
•USB3.0 ports


Best Practices for Equallogic Storage Pools

By admin, February 2, 2011 14:13

The following is from Delltechcenter’s forum, posted by Joe from Dell EQL regarding the confusions about Equallogic’s load balancing between pools with multiple array members.

The following best practices should be considered for storage pools:

1. Do not mix arrays with different drive speeds RPM within a single pool unless they are running a unique RAID policy

2. Do not mix arrays with different drive technologies (SATA, SAS, SSD) within a single pool unless they are running a unique RAID policy.

3. Do not mix arrays with different controller speeds (1GbE, 10GbE) within a single pool unless they are each running unique RAID policies.

4. To override the automated performance decisions for a specific volume, indicate a ―preferred RAID type for that volume. If that RAID type exists within the pool, the volume will reside on those arrays that match the preferred RAID policy for the volume.

For example: if you have two members with different drive technologies (Item #2), so you can create each member with a different RAID preference (as you indicated Array1 w/Raid50, Array2 w/RAID5), and then specify the preferred RAID policy for the volume(s), without any issues.

With volume RAID preferences set to Auto, the volume will span both members in the pool. If using the RAID preference, it isn’t a guarantee that it will adhere to the request and only place the volume on a given member; for instance if the volume is too large to fit on the member with the desired RAID level (you might end up with an 80/20 balance).

Note that when mixing SAS/SATA in the same pool the performance load balancer doesn’t take drive RPM into account in its calculations. A common issue is that if you combine fast SAS with slower SATA (often worst with the SATA setup as RAID 5) the SAS array won’t provide its potential performance, and the load balance may place more data on the larger SATA member (typically SATA Arrays have more space).


In other words, old RAID theory still applies here: DO NOT MIX different RPM disks in a raid group.

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