Yonex VCore 100 S

By admin, February 22, 2011 22:03

Today I finally got a chance to hit with the latest racket from Yonex, VCore 100 S, S specifies for Spin. It’s also the choice from current world #1 Caroline Wozniacki who just switched from Babolat recently.

I found indeed I can hit much better quality top spin with confidence ever than before, thanks to VCore’s technology “Spin to win with 3D Control”.

In fact, there isn’t much to compare with my 25 years old POG, I must admit the technology is definitely there this time and it did help me to improve my baseline style game, not to mention VCore 100 S also helped me to serve with more spin and angle, it’s simply amazing and I start to love it!

I am pretty sure now this is the one to go when it’s available in local store later.