Equallogic Alert: Raid Battery Failed

By admin, July 14, 2013 22:17

Well, it’s about time, battery normally last for 3 years, this is the first time I encountered such error and the 2nd time EQL went wrong, the first time was due to a failed disk.

event: 28.4.31
time: Sun Jul 14 21:43:29 2013
NVRAM battery failed. Power failure could result in loss of data.

Critical health conditions exist.
Correct immediately before they affect array operation.
NVRAM battery failed and must be replaced.


There are 1 outstanding health conditions. Correct these conditions before they affect array operation.

Active control module cache is now in write-through mode. Array performance is degraded.

Note the Write Latency shoots up right away because Write Back Mode is disabled although you can force to use Write Back mode.

Called Dell Pro-Support, will replace by tomorrow, cause I don’t feel doing it tonight.

Update: 7/15/2013

Dell’s engineer came to the site this afternoon and fixed the problem within 5 minutes, simply swapped out the active controller card (where NVRAM battery failed), and almost right away the standby controller kicked in, I noticed only 2 ping were lost in both grpadmin and vm IP address during the controller switch over. Finally the engineer said I’m probably the first one in Hong Kong who had a battery failed in EQL, most of the problems are related to disk, the power supply, then controller card.

I can’t think of any reason anyone don’t like this kind of high redundancy with easy maintenance built in mind! Bravo! Equallogic!



By admin, July 14, 2013 21:59


凡事有例外,對于La Ferrari,我看對多久都不會喜歡上的,當然ELITE的紅色還是要入手的,誰叫它是最新一代的法記旗艦呢!



By admin, July 14, 2013 20:37


今天才發現原來腰部貼著那著名的Pininfarina標誌,走到車尾終於發現了它的真身,原來是台90年代末期的Fiat Coupé ,而且更是台頂級的20V Turbo版本。其實車身並非Pininfarina設計,這次Pininfarina只參與了內飾的設計。

鄰居還有另一台幾乎同期的Alfa Romeo敞篷跑車,連樣子都跟這台快意差不多,足以證明車主的品味很專一。

最有趣的是那拱起的兩劃明燈設計,好些在哪裡見過,對,想起來了,就是NSX-R Facelift的前燈,根本就是一模一樣的設計,是巧合還是…﹖