Time to Clean Up Windows 7 Rubbishes

By admin, November 14, 2013 13:22


6 months ago, I found my Windows 7 C:\ drive (50GB) is almost used up, using WinDirStat (another neat tool), I quickly found out C:\Windows\WinSXS and iPhone Backup took up 20% and 15% of the space respectively.

I’ve been searching for a simply solution to reduce these wasted space especially in C:\Windows\WinSXS without success. It has come to a point that I almost used up my entire C:\ today, my only option is to use Acronis Disk Director to expand C:\, but that involves some risks.

Luckily, I fount out Microsoft has released a nice updated Disk Cleanup tool just about two weeks ago that will solve all the problem at once.

So problem solved for now!

As for changing the default iTunes backup folder location, here is a good link.

OMG! This is So True!!!

By admin, November 14, 2013 11:23