Coated Poly needs to 夾板

By admin, March 2, 2010 12:37

From my experience, I’ve never tried coated poly before (I mean the past 20 something years), but heard many good/bad stuff about it, especially the brand Luxilon as it’s most famous for coated poly. Bad stuff mainly it hurts elbow/wrist > tennis elbow.

So I’ve decided to give it about one month ago, I strung with Luxilon Big Banger ACE TOUCH hybrid, Ace 18 (Main), Supersense 16L (Cross) on my old daddy rkt Prince Original Graphite Oversize and guess what it DID upgrade my old-school weapon significantly, at least I can tell it’s quite big in terms of the power and The Spin it generated than Prince Syn. Gut 15l I’ve always used in the past.

Yes, you DEFINITELY do need to 夾板, as Luxilon’s poly tends to be very hard, and my POG is very flex (in terms of stiffness), so the overall combination is quite good even I strung it to 60lbs.

In contrast, another brand Tecnifibre Black Code 18 poly is very soft compares to Luxilons’ Ace 18, so when I put just Black Ace 18 on my 2nd POG with 62lb, I found the string bed is still too soft to hit.

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