So many 拉力賽專家 around these days.

By admin, March 31, 2010 19:05

We have two new friends tom-yuen and eleclau, many thanks for joining us today!

I think tom-yuen is Wong Sir’s 高徒 , he quickly broke my 節奏, I lost my patience quickly as well and for some reasons, I’ve broken my DF record today (90% !!!) . So the result is very straight forward, 6:0 (love being me of course haha), I enjoy playing with him as he and Wong Sir can really train up our mind and patience, I do look forward to play with these type of 拉力賽專家 in the future. 

Then we played two tie-breaks, I still got many DF, I even changed to the other side of court (so definitely not 風水問題 ), so I figured out no matter how many sets we are going to play, I will just continue to receive eggs if I don’t change something in my game.

I also enjoyed playing with eleclau, he’s young with lots of energy and we had a close game, I am sure he can improve a lot given he only played 2 years and he had already reached a good level.

Strange enough, I have also maintained some of my best 2 serving games today against Dave, that’s right after playing with tom-yuen, and my serving winning ratio is in 70%, these serves are fast, solid and with angle, few aces down the T (My favourite position on ad court)

Of course, I also received 4 straight aces from Dave, that’s when I starting to call him “Ace Serving Machine”, Man! Those 110mph serve is just too good for me.

I really don’t know how to explain the dramatic difference within 1 hour regarding my serve, but I do notice one thing, I BEND MY KNEES and work like a spring which made a huge difference. :)

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