The Selection of Tennis Racquets

By admin, March 19, 2009 15:16

When you are a beginner, you tend to use a larger and super techono enhanced racquet (at my time, it was Wilson Hammer 2.7 si) because you may feel it’s more powerful and more easy to handle, most of the time it’s lighter (acutally head heavy) as well.

When you gets into tennis, say after 5 years, you will gradually look for control (then I switched to POG OS), and then after say 10+ years, you will gradually look for feel and touch of every ball you hit., that’s how I found racquets like S85/PC600 are the perfect ones (acutally head light) and indeed they are VERY Heavy and VERY UNFORGIVING compares to Oversize ones, they also require you to have full loop swing, good footwork, but who cares, I don’t play that much set, just casual tennis, enjoy the feel/touch/angle is the most delighting part of my game.

It’s really hard to explain in words, but do try those old daddy racquets if you have a chance, they are amazing, and visit TW forum more, you will see many others agrees with my point.

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