For Sale: 1/18 Hotweels Elite Ferrari 288 GTO Yellow (J8249)

By admin, August 6, 2012 18:26

The Ferrari GTO produced from 1984 to1986 was designed initially for GT racing. Its 8-cylinder engine has a capacity of 2.8 liters. ‘O’ stands for ‘Omologazione’ (to allow for racing). With only 272 GTOs built, it has the smallest production figure of any road-going Ferrari over the last 30 years. When the Ferrari GTO was launched it featured the most powerful engine Ferrari had ever fitted to a road car, developing 400 horsepower.

J8249 is the Yellow version and even harder to get on the market!

Condition: Mint in Box.

Limited release & already sold out!

Price: HK$1,800


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  1. Manuel Lee says:

    Hello do you still have it on sale? I am from mexico city, do you ship there? and what it will be the price? regards

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