Tiffany’s Show at Pattaya

By admin, March 15, 2010 02:45

You have to see in person in order to believe ladyboys can sometimes beautiful than real ladies.

TIFFANY’S SHOW is the First ever truly transvestite cabaret show in South East Asia. With over 28 years of stage experiences, the fame of TIFFANY’S SHOW is undeniable and become a recommended tourist destination of the successful growth of Thailand’s most popular resort city , Pattaya City. Millions of international visitors from every part of the world had experienced our spectacular performances and enjoyed our marvelous, talented and beautiful TIFFANY’S performers.

Latest Release of Bentley from Minichamps

By admin, March 14, 2010 22:33

100 139950

1/18 BENTLEY MULSANNE – 2010 – BLACK – September 2010 (100139900)
1/18 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL FLYING SPUR – 2005 – SILVER – September 2010 (100139464)
1/18 BENTLEY S2 – 1960 – SILVER/DARK RED – June 2010 (100139950)
1/43 BENTLEY S2- 1960 – SILVER/BLUE – June 2010 (436139950)
1/43 BENTLEY S2 CABRIOLET – 1960 – BLUE – December 2010 (436139960)
1/43 BENTLEY R-TYPE CONTINENTAL – 1955 – RED – September 2010 (436139422)

Farewell to a 20 years old friend 依依不捨…

By admin, March 14, 2010 14:30

It was 20 years ago, I met this old friend of mine in Brompton Road, London.


The Magical Box of Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1!

By admin, March 9, 2010 23:14


For the past whole week, I was thinking turning my 3 year old Dell notebook into a media center, but the build-in soundcard (SimTel) is just too crappy and cannot produce the sound I wanted. It’s not until I found IT today, the magically Creative X-Fi SoundBlaster Surround 5.1 (USB)! It’s so perfect as it even comes with optical out to my EX-A15 amplifier.

For about HK$500, it immediately turned my notebook into a powerful media center, USB output from the notebook connects to SB X-Fi DAC, then either using digital (optical) or analog output to JVC EX-A15.  

I can play all the un-compressed source like FLAC, APE now on my JVC woodcore speaker, and all my RMVB or MKV HD sound quality became so much better, it’s just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Together with a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, I’ve finally completed the project of my digital media center that I always dreamt about!

Thank you so much Creative! You made my day!

General Specifications 

High Definition Audio Quality
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) exceeding 100 dB using high linearity, low distortion 24-bit converters with resolutions of up to 96 kHz.
  • 24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of digital sources during playback in 24-bit with sampling rate of up to 96 kHz in 5.1 mode without audio monitoring.
  • 24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion of analog sources during recording in 24-bit with sampling rates up to 96 kHz without audio monitoring. 
  • X-Fi Crystalizer
  • Enhances musical dynamics by emphasizing sharp percussive sounds and transients 
  • X-Fi CMSS-3D
  • X-Fi CMSS-3D Surround: Upmixes stereo sources to 4, 4.1 or 5.1 channels
  • X-Fi CMSS-3D Headphone: Provides a multichannel playback experience over headphones for all types of content
  • X-Fi CMSS-3D Virtual: Provides a multichannel playback experience over two loudspeakers for all types of content

    Update:  Nov 24, 2011

    I just found out JVC EX-A15 doesn’t support 96Khz Optical input, so the maximum is 48Khz 24Bits for Optical input. However the strange thing is Analog at 96Khz and 24 Bits is fine.

    I also notice Creative released the updated version of its magical box which supports HD now, after all it’s still around HK$8xx and much cheaper than other DACs in the market. 

    In additiona, I found Creative has also released two upgrade version called X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro and X-Fi Surround 5.1 HD.

    Finally, I am going to add a 8″ sub-woofer to my JVC EX-A15 shortly, this will definitely enhance my mini Hi-Fi sysem to another level.


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    1/43 Spark Alfa Romeo 8C 2004 Metallic Red 


    LOST Season 6 Finale

    By admin, March 4, 2010 18:02

    It’s finally here after waiting for so long, I am really getting lost in one of my favorite TV series LOST.

    (Updated to Episode 6 as of today)


    樓下竟然有台1:1的Bentley Continental GT

    By admin, March 2, 2010 22:32

    一直都很喜歡新款的Bentley Continental GT﹐諾大的鬼面罩極據氣勢﹐這台第一版黑色的Continental GT更是一眾買家在拍賣場尋找的對象。自己不喜歡紅色的Continental GT Speed﹐因為覺得黑色﹑英國綠更襯賓利高貴的英倫形象。

    其實對賓利車模有研究的玩家一早就知道第一版黑色的Continental GT是個錯版﹐因為頭尾標誌的大小有誤﹐跟真車的標誌頭大尾小剛好做反了﹐但這依然沒有減退大家收藏的興趣。


    1/18 Minichamps Bentley Continental GT Black


    另外附上最近拍到樓下鄰居的新車﹐哈哈﹐他的竟然也是 Continental GT﹐ 而且還是黑色的﹐最重要的他玩的是1:1的﹐我暈﹗﹗﹗


    Coated Poly needs to 夾板

    By admin, March 2, 2010 12:37

    From my experience, I’ve never tried coated poly before (I mean the past 20 something years), but heard many good/bad stuff about it, especially the brand Luxilon as it’s most famous for coated poly. Bad stuff mainly it hurts elbow/wrist > tennis elbow.

    So I’ve decided to give it about one month ago, I strung with Luxilon Big Banger ACE TOUCH hybrid, Ace 18 (Main), Supersense 16L (Cross) on my old daddy rkt Prince Original Graphite Oversize and guess what it DID upgrade my old-school weapon significantly, at least I can tell it’s quite big in terms of the power and The Spin it generated than Prince Syn. Gut 15l I’ve always used in the past.

    Yes, you DEFINITELY do need to 夾板, as Luxilon’s poly tends to be very hard, and my POG is very flex (in terms of stiffness), so the overall combination is quite good even I strung it to 60lbs.

    In contrast, another brand Tecnifibre Black Code 18 poly is very soft compares to Luxilons’ Ace 18, so when I put just Black Ace 18 on my 2nd POG with 62lb, I found the string bed is still too soft to hit.


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    1/18 UT Porsche 911 (993) Cabriolet – Silver


    另附早上拍到樓下訪客的稀有超跑CLK63 AMG﹐黑的像炭一樣﹐很兇惡的樣子﹗



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    最後師兄對我的發球提出了很肺腑的建議﹐原來我自己根本不知道自己發球亂扭身扭細﹐搞到失去平衡。再次謝謝your honest advices always, I really appreciate it, these 肺腑的建議 really did help me to improve my game over the past 1 year!

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