Sergio Tacchini is back into business finally!

By admin, January 22, 2010 13:06

This news brought lights to my gloomy morning. 


Nice nice!!! 70/80’s big name Sergio Tacchini is finally back onto the court especially with stars like Djokovic!!!

It’s one of my favourite brand as well, weared by so many big names in the 80s’ like Sampras, Mcenroe, Ivanisevic, etc and even carry the glory to the 90s’ by Hingis…




and just in case you don’t know.

Sergio Tacchini is technically a Hong Kong company now! Yeah!

See the news from FT:

Hembly boss buys Sergio Tacchini

By Robin Kwong in Hong Kong

Published: June 6 2008 06:00 | Last updated: June 6 2008 06:00

A Hong Kong businessman has bought Sergio Tacchini, the Italian tennis-wear brand that in its prime sponsored top players John McEnroe and Pete Sampras but has since fallen on hard times.

The purchase by Billy Ngok, who is also chairman of Hembly, a distributor and supply-chain services company, marks the first Chinese acquisition of a major European sportswear brand.

The deal also adds to the growing number of recent foreign brand acquisitions by Chinese manufacturers and so-called “middlemen” companies seeking to move up the value chain.

Xinyu Hengdeli, the biggest luxury watch retailer in China, bought a 90 per cent stake in Italian hand-crafted pen brand Omas from LVMH last October.

Sergio Tacchini, an Italian tennis player, founded the eponymous brand in 1966. It claims to have introduced colour into professional tennis apparel that had previously been white-only. The brand enjoyed success in Italy and France, enlisting top-seeded tennis stars including Jimmy Connors, Martina Hingis, and more recently Goran Ivanisevic when he won the Wimbledon title as a wild-card in 2001.

But intense competition from global sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas, a lack of expansion beyond its core European market and an overall decline in the tennis wear market has resulted in heavy losses in the past few years for the family-owned business.

There were other problems, such as an acrimonious break-up with Ms Hingis in 1999 that led to her suing the brand in 2002 for giving her shoes that she claimed had hurt her feet.

Sergio Tacchini filed for bankruptcy in Italy early last year, which created an opportunity for Mr Ngok to buy the brand, as Hembly was already a supplier for Sergio Tacchini.

Mr Ngok closed the deal in late April to buy Sergio Tacchini’s assets for €27m ($42m) and inject an extra €33m into the business, and revealed the details to the Financial Times yesterday. Mr Ngok, who made the acquisition as a private investment, has granted Hembly an option to purchase Sergio Tacchini within the next three years.

“Instead of producing just for the manufacturer’s [profit] margin, we are moving into the brand management margin,” Mr Ngok said. “Why, today, am I only working for other people?” 

Under a lease agreement, a team assembled by Mr Ngok has already been managing Sergio Tacchini for the past year. During that time, the company had sales of €60m and a modest profit.

Mr Ngok plans to introduce the Sergio Tacchini brand into mainland China next year and open 200 stores there in the following three years. By 2012, China should account for up to 30 per cent of the brand’s global sales, Mr Ngok said. “China will be the engine of growth [for Sergio Tacchini]”, he added.



By admin, January 21, 2010 20:28

個人認為80年代所有意大利的超級跑車都來的是那麼的震撼﹗法拉利的如Testarossa﹑288 GTO﹑F40﹑F50﹔林寶堅尼的如Countach﹑Diablo等等﹐這些超跑無論從外型設計﹑顏色佩搭到引擎性能等都到達了顛峰的水平。它們在二十多年後的今天看來還是沒有什麼老態﹐而且在國際拍賣市場的價格更是日新月異﹗

對日本手版製造商Make Up的F40精緻做工的確好得沒什麼可挑剔的﹐自從上次中了43手版F40的毒後﹐就到處尋找其代表作﹕Testarossa﹑288 GTO﹑F40的芳蹤。這次正巧有朋友放售﹐我當然二話不說﹐馬上進了這兩台特別限量版。


1/43 Make Up Ferrari F40 LM Test Monza 1989 and Test Car Matt Black



By admin, January 20, 2010 22:41




1/18 Exoto 1989 Exoto Nissan R89C – Works Prototype


1/18 Exoto 1987 Exoto Sauber-Mercedes C9 #61 – Kouros


近20年歷史的絕版1/16 Fujimi Ferrari

By admin, January 19, 2010 23:30

看見有網友出售這兩台絕版的1/16 Fujimi Ferrari﹐馬上購入﹐因為太喜歡Koenig Testarossa和F40了﹐而且這兩台日本製造的1/16 Fujimi是第一版模具出品的﹐所以外形很準和縫隙極小﹐因為第一版的時候模具還沒有被磨損。

跟我另外兩盒第二版的1/16 Fujimi Koenig Testarossa比較﹐零件精密度馬上就立見高下﹐上手保存的極好﹐近20年歷史的模型連盒子還是新簇簇的﹐尤其是這台Koenig Testarossa﹐拍賣場卻近十年都沒有看見過它的出現﹐就憑盒面的圖案已經令人完全陶醉﹐Koenig當年的Testarossa改裝真的很有氣勢﹐極具收藏價值。

1/16 Fujimi Koenig Testarossa & F40





By admin, January 16, 2010 12:57

跟很多華人一樣,我的網球偶像是Michael Chang,我太喜歡他了,所以曾經瘋狂地收藏了6塊POG (包括第一代單條綠線版)。

“Jesus Loves You, Michael”


讀大學的時候曾經做過一個Michael Chang的網頁,Michael 哥哥Carl還特別Email多謝過我這個小粉絲,嘻嘻。。。

2010年的Hong Kong Tennis Classic更第一次做了他的小粉絲,終於拿到遲了20年的Michael 簽名。


Sometimes it’s fun to get over the fence to see…

By admin, January 15, 2010 17:05

Ms. Sharapova practicing on court…




Two beauties outside the court watching their husbands play…

By admin, January 14, 2010 14:18

Thanks for Natalie & Paradorn’s great wedding video, I just came to know from the video Natalie was original from Russia, no wonder she has the similar features as Sharapova. (ie, Both Beauties)

Actually, I was about 3 fts from her and Amber, where I took the following pictures.

Amber is such a sweet girl, Michael is so lucky to have her.







By admin, January 13, 2010 22:36

今天經過車模舖子看到了一大堆新出的AA﹐但只挑了自己最喜歡的一台﹐它就是乳白色的LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP560-4﹐這顏色實在高貴﹑比其它黑色﹑黃色和橙色的漂亮多了﹐所以這車一定要收﹗



剩下的PORSCHE 924 CARRERA GT 1980 (BLACK)不是太喜歡車型﹐所以最後也放棄了。

最後好不容易找到了台品質可接受的BBR ENZO F1﹐但這顏色太艷麗了﹐而且自己已經有F1色的F430﹐所以還是等啞黑色的ENZO時再買也不遲。


1/18 Autoart Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 White



By admin, January 11, 2010 23:04



1/18 Kyosho Lamborghini Countach LP500R


Different moments of Maria Sharapova

By admin, January 9, 2010 22:54

Normally, she looks like 苦瓜乾 99% of the time on court.


Then you see angel with 陽光 all of a sudden.


Finally, she’s really attractive & 動人during this moment.


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