My Road Runner Collection 肌肉之家

By admin, March 9, 2013 22:34

今天在FB看到了一個美國Plymouth Road Runner的瘋狂愛好者,這位應該不止有品味,而且更有足夠的空間、財力和時間才能弄出一間如此像樣的肌肉之家。 (Uwe Tyarks)

Hybrid新體驗2: Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17g + Luxilon 4G 17g

By admin, March 9, 2013 18:22

3個星期前換了副Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast 17g + VS Gut Touch 16g混線後,可能是Main穿的RPM Poly磅數偏高(55 lb)的原因,所以一直都覺得手感不太舒服,也就是拍身Sweet Point比較偏硬。

經過了10個多鐘頭後,我感覺Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro開始越來越得心應手了,絕對多了很多手感,尤其是Underspin,幾乎可以感受到球將會著陸的位置。

這應該全歸功於跌磅的原因吧,早知如此,我應該一早就把作為Main的RPM Poly磅數比Cross的VS Gut穿低2到3磅(52-53 lb)。


上星期五跟另一位志同道合的師兄合資,每人半副線去體驗Hybrid Take 2 on my 2nd Extreme Pro.

這次我們選的是Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17g + Luxilon 4G 17g,最大不同的是這次VS Gut Team做Main (55lb), Luxilon 4G Poly磅做Cross (52 lb)。而且這次的VS Natural Team Gut是17g (1.25) 比上次的 VS Gut Touch 16g (1.30) 細了一個碼,所以壽命應該差些,但手感也會同樣增加一點。

另外就是那半副號稱不跌磅(或者跌磅不明顯/緩慢)的Luxilon 4G,聽穿線師傅說,Luxilon 4G比其它的傳統Poly都硬,所以穿此線需要的時間也比較長。







Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17 (1.25)

Babolat’s top of the line Natural Gut in a thin, spin responsive 17 gauge. Used by top touring pros and players who demand ultimate feel and control. VS Natural Team Gut is constructed with a tighter gauge tolerance than any previous Babolat VS Natural Gut offering. Includes Thermogut Technology – a process of high temperature finishing that increases the cohesion of the fibers down to the core of the string. Now comes with BT7 technology which is a new layering structure, increasing durability by 15%. Offers a slightly firmer feel, but remains the “Gold Standard” for comfort and playability.

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm) – Note: Was 1.27mm, now back to 1.25mm
Length: 40 feet
Natural gut material selection: “first grade”
Thermogut Technology increases elasticity & tension hold
Color: Natural


Luxilon 4G 17 (1.25)

Though quite firm and durable, Luxilon 4G is loaded with playability. Our testers found this one to have higher than average comfort for a monofilament string, making it more than just a niche string for string breakers. Luxilon spent two years tweaking the molecular properties of 4G in order to extend the life of playability. This is a great option for players who want all the benefits of a control string without the high tension loss and impact shock that comes with some of the first generation polys. This doesn’t mean it will work for players who prefer natural gut or nylon multifilaments, but it does mean that for players with long, fast strokes, Luxilon has created a very user-friendly co-poly.

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)
Length: 40 feet / 12m
Construction: Co-polyester
Color: Gold

Update: May 24, 2013

Finally I’ve broken the string today on a forehand swing, it’s the main Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17g. I would say this new combination did last at least for 2 months which falls within my expectation. The Natural Gut 17g as main did provide the best hand feel and perhaps I can use a cheaper poly as suggested by the pro-shop staff next time.

Update: Oct 6, 2013

I’ve got my racket restrung on Jun 4th, then it lasted for more than 4 months mainly due to excessive rain in Hong Kong and still going strong…but I couldn’t bear the lost tension anymore, so I went to pro-shop today and string it with the same combination of Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17g and Luxilon 4G 17, but this time, I choose the tension to be a bit lower than before, which is 53 lbs for main and 50 lbs for cross as for some reasons, I found 55 lbs x 53 lbs is too stiff.

Update: Feb 10, 2014

Somehow, this is still the best ultimate combination I found so far, so this time it’s 53lbs x 51 lbs.