1/18 Guiloy Ferrari GTO 1964 Red

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今天收到了歐洲寄來的古董Guiloy,1964年法拉利的GTO,十几年的貨色了,收的是車型,精密度就別苛求了,另外漆面極之光亮,一點儿泡都沒有,而且是Made in Spain (西班牙制造),這還真的是我第一次見到不是中國制造的1比18車模。

好奇怪另外那架250 GTO by Jouef也是差不多年份的,但也是Made in China, 我還以為法國牌子應該是法國做的。

Anyway, 這兩架1960s 的老爺Ferrari 250 GTO是一定要收的,外型實在是太漂亮了。




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ModelClub 全球華人朝聖的車模網站

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1/18 Bentley Arnage T 2006 Dealer Verision

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The following picture is was borrowed from Project118.com, I shall replace with my own set shortly.


SOLD: 1/18 Bentley Arnage T 2006 Dealer Verision

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1/18 Scale Bentley Arnage T Finished in Anthricite exterior and contrasting Hotspur and Beluga interior. Quilted seats and flocked carpets, burr walnut woodwork and engine turned aluminium dashboard add to the effect. 19″ aplit rim alloy wheels Lifting the boot reveals twin Bentley umbrellas and lifitng the boot floor reveals twin batteries, tool kit and even a pair of gloves.

Condition: Mint in Box (Bentley Dealer Version Green Box)

Limited release & already sold out!

Update: Sold on June 19, 2012 to a collector in Taiwan

Virtualization is the future of computing

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VMWare is probably the ONLY name you need to know in virtualization world, its flagship product vSphere is the one you cannot do without. VMotion/HA/DRS/FT are the amazing tools to maintain business continuity, service stability and SLA.

A Comprehensive comparison between VMware/Microsoft Hyper-V/XEN/RH Linux

Oct 25 (Sun) Classic Car Show at Chater Road, Central

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 一年一度的城中盛事﹗ Don’t Miss It!!!

[Coming soon]Bonhams Presents 2009 Chater Road Classic Car Show

Bonhams, the world’s foremost classic car auctioneer, and the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong invite you to attend the 2009 Chater Road Classic Car Show on Sunday, 25 October.

About 100 of the finest classic cars and classic motor bike in Hong Kong including the current Concours d’Elegance winners will be displayed along the entire length of Chater Roadin Central to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Classic Car Club ofHong Kong. Among these rarely seen vintage automobiles are a Ford GT40,the blue oval that toppled Ferrari in the Le Mans24 houres in the mid-1960s, a lineup of Morgans, to celebrate themarque’s centenary, classic American Mustangs and Corvettes, and exoticFerraris and Lamborghinis.

Uniqueauto attractions displayed in a “cute corner” include gems such as a1959 Isetta (the single-doored BMW), and the heroic juggernaut 1918American LaFrance (a 14 litre, artillery-wheeled monster), which hasjust returned from a marathon trip from Hong Kong to Beijing and Paris!



30周年紀念,本屆車展有大約100輛老爺車及老爺摩托車出席,包括最優雅老爺車冠軍得主,全部都會在整條遮打道上展出。除此之外,更有非常罕見之Ford GT401960年代中期勒芒24小時大賽Ferrari賽車、Morgan系列(慶祝100周年紀念)、經典美國MustangCorvette,以及FerrariLamborghini

1959Isetta;以及超重型車1918American LaFrance14公升引擎龐大機器),該車剛剛完成從香港到北京及巴黎的漫長歷程。

Released by Classic Car Club of Hong Kong


見城 – 日本壽司的典範

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I love 80s tennis the most

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I am not sure about you, but I somehow still love 80s tennis the most!
The following video brought so much lovely memories from the past.


1/18 Land Rover Discovery 3 (2005) & Sport (2006) -男人之車

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宋思明說: 我說海藻啊,這可不是一般的車,這是!英國皇室的專用座駕,你覺得它難看,可我覺得它是車里面最好看的一款,開這車的男人,都有血性的,都希望擁有一款,在城市里憋久了,都希望自己能像一匹野馬一樣,一頭鬃毛,迎風飄洒在草原上長大。

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