UT和AutoArt千絲萬縷的關係 (轉文)

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UT 全名 Unique Toys,原先幫德國 Minichamps 代工部分 1:18 模型,像 DTM 系列或是早期藍色包裝的 UT 車模,盒子背後印的公司是一邊 UT,一邊 Minichamps,意思是說,版權在 Minichamps 上,由 UT 代工。

大約在 1997 年,來自香港的 GATEWAY 集團收購了 UT,同時買下 UT 模具以及版權,此時包裝就改成銀色的,部分車型在細部上做了修飾(像 355,多了排檔座以及煞車碟)。GATEWAY 集團旗下同時挾有 AUTOART, GATE 兩廠牌,與UT相結合連成低、中、高全面價位。

這其中又以中價位的 UT 最熱賣,由實惠價格帶出的高 C/P 值,雖然對消費者是一大福音,但總公司看在眼裡總不是滋味,因為 UT上砍 AUTOART,下刺GATE。GATEWAY 集團幾經討論後,決定將重心放在 AUTOART,也鑄成GATEWAY 集團在 2000 年關閉 UT 生產線。

但 UT 的模型並沒有因此銷毀(除 Ferrari 因版權而交出版模于 MATTEL),GATEWAY 的腦筋也動得很快,搞起「高級版」,把舊 UT 模型復刻,冠上AUTOART 的光環販賣,CONTEMPORARY DIVISION 大部分的車就是這樣來的。還有兩副模具直接以 Performance 販賣:PORSCHE 996 Carrera Facelift Coupe, Cabriolet,如果大家手邊有 UT 996 與 AutoArt 996 的不妨比較一下,雖然 AUTOART 已經修改不少,但還是看得出系出同源。

總之,UT, AUTOART, GATE 這三間品牌曾經並存至少兩年,至於 UT 算不算是為 AA 開路?我的看法是 Yes!就算模具大部分沒有共通,但起碼技術上提供了 GATEWAY 集團學習的機會,另一方面也藉 UT 在市場打下良好的口碑,這對日後 AUTOART 的產品,不能說沒有助益。


1/18 Autoart Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 1970: Classic of the Classic

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Just released yesterday in Hong Kong.

MERCEDES -BENZ 300 SEL 6.3 1970 represents one of the greatest looking M. Benz in history and I am so glad Autoart has finally released such detailed model car, and don’t forget to buy the white version later.




1/18 Autoart Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 1970 Black

Days being wild, when we were young back then…

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I was really crazy back then when I was 20 something, buying lots of Reebok stuffs, from his tennis shirts, to shorts, to different Reebok pump shoes, there is one version even pumped with high-tech nitrogen costed USD130 back then. (exactly the one showing in the following picture)


Of course, his Prince Graphite Oversize is still my all time favourite, still using it after 20 years and going strong, the only rkt that doesn’t give me elbow pain after playing over 2 hours, amazing 80s technology!

I still remember there is a really cool TV commercial about first generation of Reebok Pump Court Victory (the neo blue with yellow pump one), Michael hits with a ball machine, and at the end there is not a single ball on his side meaning he’s able to hit all the ball over the other end, then he swing his rkt like a Amercian cow boy using their guns or something, I noticed it’s not POG, but Prince Boron, which comes with Two stablizer bar.


I still have the POG cover almost like new, must bring it for him to sign in coming 香港網球精英賽 in Jan 2010!

PS. Btw, there is a side story, I found one POG Oversize with 90 printed on top instead of 110 or mid-plus or oversize in MRS last night, the shop owner told me it may be fake, but as far as I know there isn’t fake POG back in the 80s, could it be something 錯版﹖May be I shall ask in TW forum as well.

Update on Nov 30, 2009, finally I have found the video and it was my mistake, the racquet should be POG instead of Prince Boron, but I am not totally convinced as I remembered somewhere the racquet showed two bars instead of one, anyway.

Finally some history about Prince:

Prince Milestones

1970 Working in his garage, Bob McClure invents Little Prince, the first tennis ball machine for home court use, and Prince Manufacturing – named after the town of Princeton , NJ, is born.

1971-1975 Frustrated with his tennis game, Howard Head is introduced to the Prince Ball Machine. Soon he feels compelled to work out a few design bugs in the Ball Machine. Before you know it, he is majority owner and Chairman of the Board.

1976 As Prince’s Ball Machine prospers, Howard Head still struggles with off center hits and lack of control, motivating him to invent the first patented Prince oversized racquet, the Prince Classic. At 110 square inches, its revolutionary design changed the game and became the most successful racquet of its time.

1977 The Prince Graphite establishes Prince as the material technology leader, the first “top players” graphite racquet quickly becomes the standard by which all others are compared. Today it is still the choice of many top pros.

1978 The larger racquet headsize places greater demands on string, so Prince develops its first multi-filament string which becomes the top selling string that very same year.

1979 Prince introduces the Prince Pro, the world’s best selling aluminum racquet and the racquet Pat Cash uses to win Wimbledon .

1980 Prince begins designing functional sport bags and ultimately becomes the leader in this important category.

Prince combines the best of the old and the new by bringing together traditional wood and modern graphite technology in a revolutionary racquet, the Prince Woodie.

1982 Responding to the more practical aspects of the game, Prince introduces the P-200 Stringing Machine.

Prince Manufacturing, Inc. sold to Chesebrough- Ponds, Inc. Company sales continue to increase, and manufacturing capabilities were added in 1983 resulting from the acquisitions of Grafalloy Corp. in El Cajon , Calif. , and Grafamex in Mexicali , Mexico .

1984 Prince introduces its first line of tennis wear, continuing its commitment to serve a tennis player’s every need.

1985 Prince combines graphite, fiberglass and Kevlar in a racquet that becomes a best seller in specialty stores worldwide, the Prince Spectrum Comp.

Prince sees the need to go beyond the all- purpose tennis shoe and develops a lightweight and durable shoe for tennis, the TPU-4000.

1987 In January, Unilever N.V., an international consumer products company, acquired Chesebrough-Pond’s. This provided an opportunity for Prince management, in conjunction with Brentwood Associates, a private investment firm located in Los Angeles , to purchase the company. This transaction was completed in August of 1987. That same year, the Company entered the international squash market with the introduction of squash racquets and a line of accessories.

1988 Prince entered the men’s and women’s apparel market in Europe to further expand its brand worldwide. Demonstrating its strategy and commitment to growing its business, Prince purchased Ektelon, the global leader in racquetball.

1989 The graphite Prince Extender changes the future of squash with its longer main strings which dramatically enlarge the powerzone. Now the #1 selling squash racquet in the world.

Prince creates the Constant Taper System (CTS), the revolutionary “tip to Grip” racquet performance system that delivers more power without compromising control or comfort.

Michael Chang wins the French Open with the Prince Original Graphite racquet.

1990 Prince joined the Italy-based Benetton Group SpA, a global $1.7 billion lifestyle consumer products company, incorporating Prince into Benetton Sport system USA, Inc.

1996 Michael Chang climbs the rankings to the #2 player in the world after switching to the Prince Precision Michael Chang LongBody racquet

1997 Patrick Rafter wins the US Open with the Prince Precision Response racquet.

1998 1998 Patrick Rafter wins his second consecutive US Open using the Prince Precision Response racquet.

Jana Novatna wins Wimbledon with the Prince Thunder Lite racquet.

1999 Prince’s technology and innovation has continually revolutionized the game of tennis. Prince introduced the Triple Threat Racquet Series in 1999, which offered a revolutionary new weighting system. Triple Threat technology was the game’s first and only racquet technology to offer perfect balance and stability.

2001 Prince introduced Tungsten, a strong dense metal, into the Triple Threat 2001 Series. This new addition heightens racquet stability and provides the highest level of power and precision on the market today.

Jennifer Capriati wins both the Australian Open and French Open using the Prince Triple Threat Rebel racquet.

2002 In January Prince introduced the MORE Performance line of tennis racquets. MORE Performance racquets are the first racquets in history that are built using Prince’s revolutionary PowerLock technology – a unique patented molding technique that creates string channels so that absolutely no drilling of the racquet is required.

Jennifer Capriati wins her second consecutive Australian Open using the Prince Triple Threat Rebel racquet.

2003 Prince introduced the S Series to the MORE Performance.

Michael Chang: Always a Legend in My Heart

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Just found a really good and emotional one on the tube.

It’s first time for me to see someone gave an under hand serve during such an important match, woww….

Finally congratulations to Michael for finding a perfect wife after 36 years!


As he mentioned in the above video, it took 17 years to win a Grand Slam, but it took 36 years to find a perfect wife.


Balcony BBQ at The Peninsula

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The view is magnificent, but the food is really so so.  :P

I think the most delicious food is the seafood cocktail.

What about the BBQ…Naa…OMG!





Michael Schug – An Amazing Collector from Germany

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Michael is famous for his excellent model car photo shooting with beautiful German castles as the background, the natural combination results in a perfect harmony that gave great pleasure to our eyes!

His website can be found at http://www.michamel.eu


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1/18 Kyosho Ferrari F40 Lightweight Yellow? 真的出了嗎﹖

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今天Robin在MC問我是否Kyosho 出過黃色版本的Ferrari F40 Lightweight﹐確實紅色版的盒子上顯示有部黃色的LW﹐但KY最後決定取消不出了﹐就如黑色版的Testarossa好像在紅色版的盒子上也印有的﹐但最後還是取消了。

還有就是看那F40 LW Yellow的車窗﹐你看到的那台黃色的F40 LW Yellow用的是Street版的車窗﹐LW版是另有一扇小窗的。這點之前我也有疑問﹐但後來仔細看看就明白了。


答案﹕其實impression的那台是他自己改的﹐簡單來說就是把LW的輪子拆下來放在Street版上。Genius work impression!

Mystery solved﹗


Update: Oct-19, 2011



Nov 16, 2009 – Official Launch of MODELCAR.HK

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screencapAfter almost 2 years of preparation, global sourcing of the most sought after model cars and learning WordPress blog system with all those interesting plugins, I finally were able to assemble something that I always wanted since childhood, a web site that’s dedicated to die-cast model cars.

I hope this blog can also bring joy and happiness to those who share the same interest as me.

Another dream of mine came true!


1st Official Poster of MODELCAR.HK

By admin, November 16, 2009 18:13


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