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恍如隔世 Back from Hell!

By admin, November 14, 2010 23:19


因為8月開始公司需要進行大型的系統升級而且加上時間緊迫﹐所以這段期間連睡覺時間都很寶貴﹐每天幾乎都要工作長達13-15個鐘頭﹐最低時薪$28肯定達不到。 (對IT/Network/Server有興趣的朋友﹐可以到我的Blog看看詳情)


Now I am back from Hell!   又可以從新開始新的波季﹗

真心希望可以和大家從新再次享受Happy Tennis!  





Just like in a tennis game, sometimes, you need to learn when to let go for a shot or even a game and prepare for the next one that may eventually lead to a victory in a match.


Prince Graphite Original, The very 1st Generation

By admin, July 14, 2010 11:32

Recently, I acquired a rare piece of collector’s item and almost complete my POG collections except the mid and mid-plus versions. It is the very first generation of POG, the one with 1 stripe, head size 110 (though a bit bigger than other POG 110 4 stripes and heavier). This version came out around 1978 and Made in USA. This version of POG was used by many big names back in the 80s, super stars like Andre Agassi, Gabriela Sabatini and of course my favouite, Michael Chang.

Searching through the net, I discovered there are actually two different versions of POG with 1 stripe, see the followings:

POG with 1 stripe – very 1st version, no side deco (ie, blank on both side)


POG with 1 stripe - the 2nd version, note Prince Logo and side deco



Some more information I found on Tennis-Warehouse Forum

POG 1 = Tear dropped shaped head single line with no grommets/no bumper and no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1978

POG 2 = Tear dropped shaped head, single line with grommets/no bumper no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1980?

POG 3 = Normal shaped head, single line with grommets and bumper, printing on side is “graphite series 110″ top has no printing front is Prince/Graphite. Printed stringing weight is 70-80 – Circa 1983

POG 3.5 = Same as 3 but side says “graphite 110″, String weight 60-75
Circa ?

POG 4 = Norm head, 4 line with grommets/bumper, printing on side is “graphite 110″, top is “110″ , side sticker says “series 110″ front is Prince/Prince- , Printed stringing weight is 60-75 – Circa 1987

POG 4.5 = Same as POG 4 but top is printed “oversize”, side is “graphite oversize” , front is Prince/Prince, printed stringing weight is 50-60 -
Circa > 1987 (any ideas?)

POG 5 = Straight shaft-Not sure of OS had straight shaft?

POG 6 = Tour

Adidas Barricade V White/Signal Green

By admin, June 17, 2010 22:50

Many thanks for my friend who got me the tennis shoes I loved the most at a great bargain from Addias outlet last month.


Now I can finally throw away my old pair of Barricade V White/Black as it has been wore to a big hole in my right toe after 15 months. I personally still do not like Barricade VI (aka B6) as it’s just not my cup of tea in terms of style and weight, I do hope Addias can keep B5 for a long time to come.



By admin, June 15, 2010 11:34



Stefan Edberg Wilson Pro-staff 85 with 6.1 paintjob & Jimmy Connors Wilson T2000


Prince Graphite Long body – Michael Chang

By admin, June 1, 2010 20:43

This is the 4th generation of Prince Graphite, the 1st generation is the one with one strip and no grommet, the following 2 generations are 4-strips with grommet, 2nd generation is printed with “110″ on top, then “oversize” on top for the 3rd. Being the 4th generation, it’s a 28 inch long body (probably world’s 1st long body back then in early 1990s) and Michael Chang reached his highest ATP ranking of #2 using this racket. I spotted this precious weapon in a local pro shop and bought for one of my tennis partner. 

In fact, for 2nd and 3rd generations, there are three different head sizes, mid (90), mid-plus (100) and oversize (107), this 4th generation head size is actually even larger than oversize (107) which is being truly 110.

Personally, I found everyone will enjoy the power of this long body for serving, but it’s just too stiff for me, I still prefer the Prince Original Graphite (aka. POG or the 2nd and 3rd generation of its family.

Once in a lifetime: Sampras & Federer vs Agassi & Nadal at 2010 Indian Wells Tennis

By admin, May 31, 2010 12:53

My friend sent me this link yesterday and I would like to share with everyone.

This is once in a lifetime exhibition Sampras & Federer vs Agassi & Nadal at 2010 Indian Wells Tennis and who else do we see from the crowd? Rod Laver! Oh My!

It’s just a pure pleasure to watch them play, especially with Agassi’s funny talk and skip to 46:23, you will see Federer playing with Nadal’s famous forehand style for fun and he kept saying “So Much Spin”

Btw, in case you didn’t know, Sampras goes to Babolat!, feel sorry for those who bought K88 previously.


Adidas Barricade V Black/Core Teal

By admin, April 27, 2010 22:37

Finally, worth all the waiting since Feb, it looks so cool in reality!

The only problem: it is the last version of Barricade V, really hoping Adidas can keep the tradition of Barricade V forever.


So many 拉力賽專家 around these days.

By admin, March 31, 2010 19:05

We have two new friends tom-yuen and eleclau, many thanks for joining us today!

I think tom-yuen is Wong Sir’s 高徒 , he quickly broke my 節奏, I lost my patience quickly as well and for some reasons, I’ve broken my DF record today (90% !!!) . So the result is very straight forward, 6:0 (love being me of course haha), I enjoy playing with him as he and Wong Sir can really train up our mind and patience, I do look forward to play with these type of 拉力賽專家 in the future. 

Then we played two tie-breaks, I still got many DF, I even changed to the other side of court (so definitely not 風水問題 ), so I figured out no matter how many sets we are going to play, I will just continue to receive eggs if I don’t change something in my game.

I also enjoyed playing with eleclau, he’s young with lots of energy and we had a close game, I am sure he can improve a lot given he only played 2 years and he had already reached a good level.

Strange enough, I have also maintained some of my best 2 serving games today against Dave, that’s right after playing with tom-yuen, and my serving winning ratio is in 70%, these serves are fast, solid and with angle, few aces down the T (My favourite position on ad court)

Of course, I also received 4 straight aces from Dave, that’s when I starting to call him “Ace Serving Machine”, Man! Those 110mph serve is just too good for me.

I really don’t know how to explain the dramatic difference within 1 hour regarding my serve, but I do notice one thing, I BEND MY KNEES and work like a spring which made a huge difference. :)


By admin, March 29, 2010 21:46


今天有一堆新朋友(ahwongwongwong, wai_jpm, sureclever & cowbay)加入﹐最為突出的就是friendly1之前提過的ahwongwongwong(黃Sir)﹐另一個令我甘拜下風的前輩。


原來之前外國朋友Dave早已經跟他打過幾次(世界這麼小)﹐“中國道長”就是他了(阿黃則稱Dave為巨人)﹐他倆打時情形就如街機Final Fight 中國道長VS西洋巨人般好看﹐因為仙風道骨的道長總能以四兩撥千斤的姿態在談笑風生間化解危機﹐轉敗為勝﹗談話中得知黃Sir教物理科目﹐可能他已經成功地把幾十年的物理理論融會貫通到網球裡了﹐怪不得這麼的厲害﹗


最後還要多謝sureclever借比我試用他的新BLX Tour。Btw, Charles, your serve has improved a lot today, keep up the good work!

Btw, I just came across TB’s post 【香港業餘網球精英杯】單打 DivII now, and found out today’s new friend wai_jpm ranked #1 in Div II A.


原來溫靜書生型的他是個隱藏的高手﹗No Wonder !!!

真系打玩宜家先知﹐今天總覺得有些事怪怪地﹐all my questions have been solved now! I can sleep well now.


Happy Tennis 1 year Anniversary Gathering

By admin, March 28, 2010 17:16


Many many thanks everyone for joining today’s 1 year anniversary gathering!  

Hope everyone enjoy the day and wish you all like the dessert. 

哎呀﹗我可能昨晚太開心了﹐整晚挂住今日個聚會﹐搞到只睡著了3-4個鐘﹐所以今天狀態真的不大好﹐大部份時間應該是在夢遊﹐用白SIR的話系我今日大部份時間在打邊爐 (ie, 個人有D Sap下Sap下  )。

noddytennis & sl-matthew, nice to meet you, 對不起﹐我初頭到果陣﹐個人還比較迷茫﹐沒能及時認到新朋友。

還有就是收錢的時候對大家說每人大約$40﹐但有幾位話太便宜﹗﹖  ﹐好似沒計算Cake錢﹐情急之下﹐竟然記錯數﹐收左$45一位﹐其實應該是每人大約$41才對﹐小弟先差住你地先$4﹐下次見到面一定扣番 (please kindly remind me)﹐或者請PM你地D恆生/HSBC銀行賬號給我都得。

ie, $50 x 6 (court fee) + $50 (balls) + $96 (cake) = $446 / 11 people = $40.5 ~ $41


Last but not least, 多謝阿Neil最後都特登趕來同w00t一齊幫我手Book場。

See you all after Easter Holiday and Happy Tennis!!!

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