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見城 – 日本壽司的典範

By admin, October 22, 2009 12:34

I love 80s tennis the most

By admin, October 20, 2009 21:23

I am not sure about you, but I somehow still love 80s tennis the most!
The following video brought so much lovely memories from the past.


忽然驚見: Borg用同樣的Nadal梳頭式Top Spin的打法,到底誰是“祖師爺”?

By admin, October 16, 2009 09:34

過去一直以為Nadal強勁梳頭式的Top Spin打法是他自創的。

但昨天重溫了1981年溫布頓網球決賽波格對麥根萊時突然發現怎麼波格的正手Top Spin的打法完全跟NADAL的一模一樣。

突發奇想﹐原來波格才是梳頭式TOP SPIN打法的“祖師爺”﹐只不過他用早了30年而已。其實越看就越覺得當年BORG的打法就是現在NADAL的原始型﹐網壇20多年後由NADAL推出了“BORG式打法”的超人加強版。

Tennis Legend: Rod Laver

By admin, October 15, 2009 21:28

rod.laverRodney George “Rod” Laver MBE (born 9 August 1938, in Rockhampton, Australia) is a former tennis player from Australia who was the World No. 1 player for seven consecutive years, from 1964 to 1970. He is the only tennis player to have twice won all four Grand Slam singles titles in the same year — first as an amateur in 1962 and second as a professional in 1969. He is the only male player during the open era to have won a calendar year Grand Slam. Laver is rated, along with Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Björn Borg as one of the greatest male tennis players of all time by many experts and polls.

Nickname(s) Rocket
Country Australia
Residence Carlsbad, California, U.S.
Date of birth August 9, 1938 (1938-08-09) (age 71)
Place of birth Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight N/A
Turned pro 1962
Retired 1979
Plays Left-handed; one-handed backhand
Career prize money US$1,564,213
Career record 392–99 (79.8%) in the Open era as recorded by the ATP
Career titles at least 198 including 40 listed by the ATP
Highest ranking No. 1
Grand Slam results
Australian Open W (1960, 1962, 1969)
French Open W (1962, 1969)
Wimbledon W (1961, 1962, 1968, 1969)
US Open W (1962, 1969)
Career record 230–77 (74.9%) in the ATP statistics
Career titles 27 in the ATP statistics
Highest ranking 11 in the ATP statistics

For those who love Head Prestige Classic/Tour 600

By admin, October 9, 2009 14:50

事先聲明 Decliamer﹕The racquet I use the most is Wilson Prostaff 85, but I love PC600 & PT600 more due to it’s shape/attractive color, simply not as bored as PS85, one fact I must admit is that I can’t really control them as easy as PS85, so I am sort of a collector of these Prestige instead.

Finally, I got one of the most sought after version – Prestige Tour 600 (Made in Austria) yesterday, it completes my European version of Prestige Classic/Tour 600 collection.

From top to bottom in the picture:
1. Prestige Classic 600 (Design in Austria, TW final version)
2. Prestige Classic 600 (Design in Austria, body made in Austria)
3. Prestige Classic 600 (Made in Austria, 2nd edition, contains Twaron)
4. Prestige Tour 600 (Made in Austria, 2nd edition, contains Twaron)

Main difference between 1-3:
1. Made in Austria version contains Twaron, more better feel and control (flex may be?)
2. Made in Austria version body paint is darker and does have more metallic gold powder
3. Made in Austria version doesn’t have L7 on one size
4. Made in Austria version font is sharper than later version, I would say Solid is the word.

Main difference between PC600 & PT600:
1. PT600 has Suspension Grip on bottom, thus heaiver
2. PT600 is even more flex than PC600
3. PT600 doesn’t last long as PC600 due to Suspension Grip is made of plastic and it cracks with time
4. Balance pt is different between the two.
5. I noticed my 4. PT600 does not have cap installed, but 1-3 all have cap.
6. Recommended String tension on PT600 is 2kg lower than PC600

Some say the 1st edition of PC600/PT600 (Made in Austria) is too stiff to play with.

HEAD Prestige – 25 years of Absolute Precision

There is a really comprehensive report for Prestige Series (mid-size) on TT, a must read if you are one of the Prestige fan.

In 1993 HEAD came out with the Prestige Tour 600 and the larger Prestige Tour 660. These racquets came with the suspension grip of the Discovery series of racquets. In the U.S. the racquet was marketed as the Trisys 300.

In the fall of 1993 HEAD came out with the Prestige Classic 600 (”Star Trek” font), made in Austria for Europe only.

In 1994 HEAD changed the marketing in the U.S. The Trisys 300 became the Prestige Tour 300.

In 1995 Johan Eliasch bought HEAD (HTM) and continues to run it today.

In 1995 HEAD changed the font in Europe from “Star Trek” to today’s font. The Star Trek font on the Prestige Classic 600 lasted from the fall of 1993 to the second half of 1995. Then the font changed and the Made in Austria was moved to above the grip.

In 1996 HEAD brought the Prestige Classic 600 to the U.S. In the U.S. it did not have 600 on it (“Mid”)

The first “Designed in Austria” was not completely manufactured in Kennelbach. In order to save costs Head produced the raw racquet in Kennelbach then ship the racquet to it’s Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic factory. In the Czech Republic the Prestige Classic 600 was painted, had the pallet, collar, butt-cap, leather grip, and CAP system grommets put on.

Made in Austria Prestige Classic 600 racquets are a darker red color than the Designed in Austria Prestige Classic 600 racquets.

Prestige Tour has a ‘Suspension Grip’ plastic handle. The Tour generally plays a little softer and feels more flexy – primarily because of the handle system. The Suspension Grip parts make the handle presumably a bit heavier. So as a result specs and balance of PT 600 is different from PC 600.

‘600′ on a frame usually means that it was intended for the European market (600 cm – 93 sq. in.).

Around 2000, Head introduced Classic Mid, a Prestige Classic for North America that could not wear the name ‘Prestige’ because of a legal conflict between Head and Wilson at that time (3 or 4 years ago).

300 is just the ‘Trisys’ name for the Prestige. The Prestige was also known as the Trisys 300; The Pro Tour was the Trisys 280, the Radical Tour was the Trisys 260, and I think the Lite Tour (green) was the Trisys 240, and so on.

The Prestige Classic 600 were always manufactured in Kennelbach, Austria. Head has yet to outsource the Prestige Classic 600 to China. The first Prestige to be made in China is the Flexpoint Prestige.

In 2001 i.Prestige came out. They were produced until 2004 in Austria.

In 2004 Liquidmetal Prestige came out in time for Australian Open. To my knowledge were made in Austria originally and then partially in Czech Republic.


Head Prestige Classic 600的版本鑒別

L7版本眾多,Classic系列,据我所知,分為歐版美版兩大系列。其中比較易于識別的地方就在于那個拍喉的“600”字樣。歐版除了1999年版的“Classic mid”之外,都帶有600,也就是通常可以見到的“Head Prestige Classic 600”;美版均不帶“600”字樣,因此拍喉表示為“Head Prestige Classic”。



第一代奧地利產,實心斜體字的“Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面沒有文字,拍喉側面表明“Made in Austria”

第二代奧地利產,空心斜體字的“Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Made in Austria”

第三代奧地利產,空心斜體字的”Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Designed in Austria”,底蓋為黑色,上面貼有標簽“Made in Austria”。這是最后一代奧產,為奧地利制作的分件在捷克工厂組裝完成

第一代捷克產,空心斜體字的“Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Designed in Austria”,底蓋為銀色標簽

第二代捷克產,空心斜體字的”Classic mid”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Designed in Austria”,底蓋為銀色標簽。這代為1999年,如此命名是因為當時和Wilson的命名發生了版權沖突,因此不能用prestige字樣,頗有意思。

第三代捷克產,空心斜體字的“Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Designed in Austria”,底蓋為黑色

第四代捷克產,空心斜體字的“Prestige Classic 600”字樣,拍喉正面標有文字“Designed in Austria”,底蓋為黑色,這代質量較差,為美國Tennis Warehouse從海德工厂定制的一批,印刷模糊,不建議收藏




Local Tennis Resources in Hong Kong

By admin, September 27, 2009 14:40

The followings are the ones I visited the most.

Discuss Forum

Elite Tennis Club



By admin, August 28, 2009 10:07





My Tennis Racquet Collection: Histories and Stories

By admin, August 26, 2009 12:47

近幾個月打少了好多球﹐因為天氣太不穩定及實在太熱了﹐而且Wii的Grand Slam Tennis也太好玩了﹐所以多左在室內對住個LCD電視打網球。遲D再找那些失散了幾個月的網友打波先。

The following is my My Tennis Racquet Collection, let me begin the thread…please share and post your collection. I still like those old-school racquets so much, owning one of these classic rackets is one thing, but true appreciation the meaning and history behind these classic rackets is another!



From left to right (app. manufacture date):

1. Babolat Pure Drive GT (2009) – SOLD
Got it from a net friend, mainly because I want to switch racquet after 20 years.

2. Wilson Prostaff 85 (1984), Taiwan version

3. Rossignol F200 Mat Wilander (1985), Made in France

4. Puma Boris Becker Super with PCS (1984), Made in Taiwan

5. Dunlop Max 200G Pro (1991), Made in England

6. Dunlop Max 200G 1st version (1983), Made in England
Got this hidden treasure last week from MK 龍騰, it’s definitely a great bargain considering the history of this 1st version. I hitted it yesterday finally. Wow! Just As advertised (Manufactured with the unique grafil injection molding system providing you with that solid feel on your every shot.), the mold injection works, absolutely ZERO vibration and feel great at the net.

7. Prince Super Graphite, 28 inches (1995) – SOLD
I got this mainly because I like Prince Boron so much and it looks like Boron but much lighter, so it’s also quite unstable when returning heavy ralley.

8. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1991), Grip 3, Oversize printed on top
This is the one I got in 1991 after changing from single back hand to double back hand, and it’s also the first POG I’ve got, I’ve been using it mainly over the last 20 years.

9. Head Prestige Classic 600(1985), Made in CZ on throat

10. Head Prestige Classic 600 (1988), Design in CZ

11. Head Prestige Classic 600 (1992), Design in CZ, TW version

12. Slazenger Ambassador Wooden (1962)
Bring back the days of Vilas and Nastase, it’s been used as a living room decoration since 2009

Some other pre-history rackets that I owned beore: Wilson Hammer 2.7 si, Wilson Hammer 6.5, Wilson ProStaff Hi-Beam

Update Jan 27, 2010:

Added three more:

13. Head Prestige Tour 600 (1985), Made in CZ on throat

14. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987), Grip 2, Oversize printed on top

15. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987), Grip 3, 110 printed on top

Update Feb 25, 2010:

Added two more:

16. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987), Grip 2, Oversize printed on top

17. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 strips (1987), Grip 2, 110 printed on top

Update July 14, 2010:

Added two more:

18. Prince Original Graphite Oversize (1991), Long body – Michael Chang), Grip 2 – SOLD

19. Prince Original Graphite Oversize 1 strip (1978), 1st generation, Made in USA, Grip 2.

Update Oct 5, 2011:

Added one more:

20. Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro (2011), Grip 2

Update Oct 26, 2011:

Added two more:

21. Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro (2011), Grip 3

22. Wilson Prostaff 85 (1984), Taiwan Version, Grip 3

Update Sep 20, 2013:

Added one more:

23. Rossignol F300 (1986), Grip 3

Wii EA Grand Slam Tennis

By admin, August 20, 2009 10:44

1It is the EA Grand Slam Tennis that made me to purchase Wii finally, Wii is my 1st video game console after almost 20 years as I quitted video game previously due to playing too much when I was young. 

The real and virtual were extremely well assembled on Grand Slam Tennis on Wii, you could be anyone you want especially those big names from the 80s! Like Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, etc and the new ones like Federer and Nadal.

What’s best, you can even create your own character to compete with the pros.

With the help from newly released Wii weapon MotionPlus, you can fine tune your action to simulate the amazing serve and volley playing style again which is rarely seen on modern tennis game nowadays.

PS. You can watch some very exciting games on Youtube.





轉載: TennisBuddy 到這論壇三個月後的感想

By admin, August 12, 2009 15:27

I found a very interesting article written by Discuss Forum’s TennisBuddy about other players.

今次應該是最後一次寫每月心聲了。我仍然喪發帖(340 + 563 + >1200 in 3 mths ),但以後盡量不多寫了,免得神憎鬼厭。

1. 到論壇後得到幾樣本來都打算想要的東西:友誼、球技、歡樂 �
2. 很神奇,這裏好人比壞人多得多;好少人阿之阿咗
3. 人們的行為在網上網下真的有點不一樣;這跟社會調查是一致的
4. 之前網球九型人格的選舉大概反應這裏的情況(會員的價值觀和種類)
5. 我預期我跟這裏不少的朋友仔應該可以長做長有- 瞓覺唸起都會笑醒  �

Alan:【不全靠力量擊球典型雙打人】 獲【最心胸廣闊就得拍檔獎】
bonos :【頭髮滑溜中間分界愛思考闊達人】獲【最樂於助人無欲無求獎】
borisbecker:【努力尋回時日光輝有板有眼單打人】 獲 【場上寡言回家開心弄女為樂獎】
den3c :【一路打波一路講波英俊住家男奇才】獲【最佳練人如練馬獎】
dliu1977:【年輕左輪稍肥喜歡到處玩俊男】獲【最有潛質大力lefty serve 獎】
flyminglee: 【打波盡量裸露上身兼大汗淋漓小型拿度】獲【最積極挑機兼四處尋覓好手獎】
gweilo_s :【外國使節暨幽冥下旋切球鬼手】獲【最有禮貌回流男華僑獎】
HAL2001: 【超級文靜無需用力回波王】獲【穿得最多長褲瀟瀟灑灑打波獎】
jim69:【身體龐大上網嚇死人左輪搞比賽人】獲【跟Rings最佳 配合獎】
Jssh: 【打波先敬別人經驗網球技術理論人】獲【最萬水千山到處尋覓球局獎】
kenlovestennis :【穿太空褸打波行中神秘溜達深水埗無記性瘦熟男】獲【最佳餓波獎】
M.K. :【TB大佬,其他牌頭唔駛數】獲【最佳底線抽球進步獎】
pokkm :【左手烏髮中年俊男】獲【打完波最想返屋企食飯獎】
sinnet2008 :【左手網上活躍據稱網下自閉人】獲【最睇你唔出語言能力獎】
sportypuppy :【不左不右自稱熱愛網球居美華人靚女】獲【最有禮貌回流女華僑獎】
w00t :【滔滔雄辯大條道理水蛇春PM男】獲【腳跟傷得最深獎】
yu3494 :【最喜歡分析別人侃大山好哥們】獲【用咗吸汗頭巾後靚仔嗮獎】
波娃妹:【性格開朗兼有男朋友仔陪甜姐兒】獲 【最佳球場衣著兼大搞活動獎】
唐寧星 :【叔叔年紀年輕擊球力量我的最敬佩的雙打人】獲【最喜歡AV護士老婆掌你兩巴獎】
我的wish list裏少了很多人,但還是沒機會跟一些人玩: 

BT藍牙仔仔:【非一般人可以理解的高級自得其樂搞笑人】獲【最懂跟貼回應增添生活情趣獎】 (BT:是不是還生我的氣?如果你覺得我在那件事上做錯的話,可不可以接受我的道歉?)
~xyz~ :【正在努力勇闖3.0積極球員】獲【最想參加高水平比賽獎】
hekaru :【肥嘟嘟鄭潔粉絲光哥是也】【有待確定】

我都想跟以下一仁兄玩Singling, seakill, hickmanwong、 derekctm、Liamnkk、Lung、kong、 可愛貓、B759、bubble、mdick、borlawbao、hisoka4_hisoka4、正方、現任版主等人,不能盡錄。我仲想對我平時口花花的言行可能造成既無心之失道歉



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