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Days being wild, when we were young back then…

By admin, November 25, 2009 23:11

I was really crazy back then when I was 20 something, buying lots of Reebok stuffs, from his tennis shirts, to shorts, to different Reebok pump shoes, there is one version even pumped with high-tech nitrogen costed USD130 back then. (exactly the one showing in the following picture)


Of course, his Prince Graphite Oversize is still my all time favourite, still using it after 20 years and going strong, the only rkt that doesn’t give me elbow pain after playing over 2 hours, amazing 80s technology!

I still remember there is a really cool TV commercial about first generation of Reebok Pump Court Victory (the neo blue with yellow pump one), Michael hits with a ball machine, and at the end there is not a single ball on his side meaning he’s able to hit all the ball over the other end, then he swing his rkt like a Amercian cow boy using their guns or something, I noticed it’s not POG, but Prince Boron, which comes with Two stablizer bar.


I still have the POG cover almost like new, must bring it for him to sign in coming 香港網球精英賽 in Jan 2010!

PS. Btw, there is a side story, I found one POG Oversize with 90 printed on top instead of 110 or mid-plus or oversize in MRS last night, the shop owner told me it may be fake, but as far as I know there isn’t fake POG back in the 80s, could it be something 錯版﹖May be I shall ask in TW forum as well.

Update on Nov 30, 2009, finally I have found the video and it was my mistake, the racquet should be POG instead of Prince Boron, but I am not totally convinced as I remembered somewhere the racquet showed two bars instead of one, anyway.

Finally some history about Prince:

Prince Milestones

1970 Working in his garage, Bob McClure invents Little Prince, the first tennis ball machine for home court use, and Prince Manufacturing – named after the town of Princeton , NJ, is born.

1971-1975 Frustrated with his tennis game, Howard Head is introduced to the Prince Ball Machine. Soon he feels compelled to work out a few design bugs in the Ball Machine. Before you know it, he is majority owner and Chairman of the Board.

1976 As Prince’s Ball Machine prospers, Howard Head still struggles with off center hits and lack of control, motivating him to invent the first patented Prince oversized racquet, the Prince Classic. At 110 square inches, its revolutionary design changed the game and became the most successful racquet of its time.

1977 The Prince Graphite establishes Prince as the material technology leader, the first “top players” graphite racquet quickly becomes the standard by which all others are compared. Today it is still the choice of many top pros.

1978 The larger racquet headsize places greater demands on string, so Prince develops its first multi-filament string which becomes the top selling string that very same year.

1979 Prince introduces the Prince Pro, the world’s best selling aluminum racquet and the racquet Pat Cash uses to win Wimbledon .

1980 Prince begins designing functional sport bags and ultimately becomes the leader in this important category.

Prince combines the best of the old and the new by bringing together traditional wood and modern graphite technology in a revolutionary racquet, the Prince Woodie.

1982 Responding to the more practical aspects of the game, Prince introduces the P-200 Stringing Machine.

Prince Manufacturing, Inc. sold to Chesebrough- Ponds, Inc. Company sales continue to increase, and manufacturing capabilities were added in 1983 resulting from the acquisitions of Grafalloy Corp. in El Cajon , Calif. , and Grafamex in Mexicali , Mexico .

1984 Prince introduces its first line of tennis wear, continuing its commitment to serve a tennis player’s every need.

1985 Prince combines graphite, fiberglass and Kevlar in a racquet that becomes a best seller in specialty stores worldwide, the Prince Spectrum Comp.

Prince sees the need to go beyond the all- purpose tennis shoe and develops a lightweight and durable shoe for tennis, the TPU-4000.

1987 In January, Unilever N.V., an international consumer products company, acquired Chesebrough-Pond’s. This provided an opportunity for Prince management, in conjunction with Brentwood Associates, a private investment firm located in Los Angeles , to purchase the company. This transaction was completed in August of 1987. That same year, the Company entered the international squash market with the introduction of squash racquets and a line of accessories.

1988 Prince entered the men’s and women’s apparel market in Europe to further expand its brand worldwide. Demonstrating its strategy and commitment to growing its business, Prince purchased Ektelon, the global leader in racquetball.

1989 The graphite Prince Extender changes the future of squash with its longer main strings which dramatically enlarge the powerzone. Now the #1 selling squash racquet in the world.

Prince creates the Constant Taper System (CTS), the revolutionary “tip to Grip” racquet performance system that delivers more power without compromising control or comfort.

Michael Chang wins the French Open with the Prince Original Graphite racquet.

1990 Prince joined the Italy-based Benetton Group SpA, a global $1.7 billion lifestyle consumer products company, incorporating Prince into Benetton Sport system USA, Inc.

1996 Michael Chang climbs the rankings to the #2 player in the world after switching to the Prince Precision Michael Chang LongBody racquet

1997 Patrick Rafter wins the US Open with the Prince Precision Response racquet.

1998 1998 Patrick Rafter wins his second consecutive US Open using the Prince Precision Response racquet.

Jana Novatna wins Wimbledon with the Prince Thunder Lite racquet.

1999 Prince’s technology and innovation has continually revolutionized the game of tennis. Prince introduced the Triple Threat Racquet Series in 1999, which offered a revolutionary new weighting system. Triple Threat technology was the game’s first and only racquet technology to offer perfect balance and stability.

2001 Prince introduced Tungsten, a strong dense metal, into the Triple Threat 2001 Series. This new addition heightens racquet stability and provides the highest level of power and precision on the market today.

Jennifer Capriati wins both the Australian Open and French Open using the Prince Triple Threat Rebel racquet.

2002 In January Prince introduced the MORE Performance line of tennis racquets. MORE Performance racquets are the first racquets in history that are built using Prince’s revolutionary PowerLock technology – a unique patented molding technique that creates string channels so that absolutely no drilling of the racquet is required.

Jennifer Capriati wins her second consecutive Australian Open using the Prince Triple Threat Rebel racquet.

2003 Prince introduced the S Series to the MORE Performance.

Michael Chang: Always a Legend in My Heart

By admin, November 25, 2009 13:19

Just found a really good and emotional one on the tube.

It’s first time for me to see someone gave an under hand serve during such an important match, woww….

Finally congratulations to Michael for finding a perfect wife after 36 years!


As he mentioned in the above video, it took 17 years to win a Grand Slam, but it took 36 years to find a perfect wife.


Balcony BBQ at The Peninsula

By admin, November 22, 2009 23:41

The view is magnificent, but the food is really so so.  :P

I think the most delicious food is the seafood cocktail.

What about the BBQ…Naa…OMG!






By admin, November 22, 2009 12:22






By admin, November 12, 2009 22:08



最後再次多謝DTLK和阿YU的指點﹐進排開始跟不同的師兄們打多了好多SINGLE (相對以前半年都沒有一次來講)﹐我希望可以吸收多些實戰經驗﹐令自己網球的程度再上一層。因為Playing Rally跟真正單打是完全不一樣的﹐尤其是心理方面。




I love tennis game more and more each day﹐ 再次謝謝大家。


By admin, November 11, 2009 12:39

The following was my reply in a local Internet forum.

Being married I couldn’t agree more with Luiph08 and friendly1, it’s better to know the opponent gender then asking each other for single game. I remembered back in March this year during my 1st attempt to find tennis partners, there are quite a few female players asked me, I admitted it’s quite embarrassing and I was not thoughtful enough, but again, if my post showing I only wanted to look for male partner, then wouldn’t it become an case of sexual discrimination? Anyway, I’ve learnt my lesson wisely that the rule can’t be indicated clearly, but it’s underlying there Clearly, we just don’t need to outline it so obvious, I think you guys know what I mean. In English, it’s called “Dilemma (進退兩難)”.

agassi-graf-2[1]For those single guys with purpose, then it’s another story, (but don’t get too excited yet, especially Nurse, ha…), I read sometimes ago in discuss forum a topic named 球場上無真愛, a brother felt in love with a gal from the tennis gathering, I must say I do not agree with his biased view because I think love is everywhere, love is around us and love does exist on tennis court as well (An extreme example would be A.Agassi and S.Graf), if you do look around carefully, you will be rewarded.

Anyhow, for those guys being single, you can having single tennis game with a lady being single, it’s called social networking and it’s very normal, so don’t be shy and ask them out for a tennis game.

Finally, who have seen the movie “The Ugly Truth” recently? I found it’s quite disgusting and also very true reflecting the most basic instinct of man and woman.

Ladies and gentlemen, wish you all best of luck!

香港網球精英賽2010: Michael Chang 張德培 & Edberg are coming to Hong Kong

By admin, October 28, 2009 14:12

明年1月假維多利亞公園舉行的周年盛事香港網球精英賽,未因主要贊助商 JB集團退出而失色,反而重新加入男單及引進新賽制,共邀得 8名現役女球手及 4名退休男球手參加,包括剛宣佈「掛拍」的沙芬及 90年代最佳華人球手張德培。


1繼森柏斯及阿加斯日前於澳門作表演賽後,多名已「掛拍」的男網手將於明年 1月 6至 9日舉行的香港網球精英賽「出山」,剛宣佈於 11月巴黎大師賽後「掛拍」的沙芬將率領俄羅斯隊,與美少女舒拉寶娃及莎朗莉娃出戰;現年 37歲的張德培將夥拍「大威」威廉絲及杜高為美洲隊力爭衞冕。

至於亞太隊代表為前亞洲「第 1拍」斯里查潘、森田步美及中國的鄭潔;前世界「 1哥」艾保Edberg則會連同新晉球手禾施妮雅琪及艾莎倫嘉代表歐洲隊。

分組抽籤將於下月尾舉行,每組兩隊,賽事分兩圈進行,每圈共打兩場女單、一場男單及一場混雙; 1、 2號種籽歐洲隊及俄羅斯隊被安排於不同組別。本年度賽事由香港政府盛事基金贊助,香港網球贊助人協會賽務總監簡德龍先生未有透露總金額,他期望能藉此提升香港國際地位:「我們會推出優惠、團體及豪華旅遊套票,包括機票、酒店、賽事及球手派對入場票,以吸引遊客來港觀賽。」

香港網球精英賽 2010

日期: 06-09/01/2010


發售日期: 12月初

Official Web Site:

Videotaping: an easy and great way to improve your tennis game

By admin, October 26, 2009 20:54

I finally videotaped my tennis session for an hour today and when I reviewed it on TV, I couldn’t belive that I’ve made so much little mistakes.

I watched it over and over again and wrote down those mistakes that I’ve made and the way how I am going to correct them.

Anyway, I do find this is a very easy, cost effective and great way to improve my tennis game and hope this will help all the CHings to improve your game too.

I’ve never thought I could be the other side who’s playing with me as that person (ie, the camera) never tell lies, so she’s your good coach.

Virtualization is the future of computing

By admin, October 22, 2009 13:33


VMWare is probably the ONLY name you need to know in virtualization world, its flagship product vSphere is the one you cannot do without. VMotion/HA/DRS/FT are the amazing tools to maintain business continuity, service stability and SLA.

A Comprehensive comparison between VMware/Microsoft Hyper-V/XEN/RH Linux

見城 – 日本壽司的典範

By admin, October 22, 2009 12:34
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